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‘Special report: Mastering the autonomous vehicle map’ by Automotive World

What role do maps play in the success of the autonomous vehicle? Automotive World investigates

A new Automotive World report looks at the role of maps in the development and roll-out of autonomous vehicles.

Maps used by humans will not be sufficient when the driving is taken over by artificial intelligence (AI). Proponents of high definition (HD) mapping for autonomous vehicles (AVs) are targeting multi-layer maps providing positioning data to within a number of centimetres.

Most automakers believe AVs will require HD maps, and are joining forces in the race for HD map capability. Daimler, BMW and VW’s joint majority share-ownership of HERE is a case in point, whilst rival Ushr has been acquired by Dynamic Map Platform, a consortium owned by Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mazda. GM and Ford continue to gather data with their own fleets.

Content, feature layers, accuracy, delivery and cloud-based updating all contribute to the overall success of an HD map, and mapping quality looks set to become a fiercely competitive battleground for vehicle brands and mobility providers in the future.

Automotive World’s report on the role of maps in the development of autonomous vehicles presents perspectives and insight from leading automotive industry stakeholders.

‘Special report: Mastering the autonomous vehicle map’ ( is available to download now from the research section of

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • Most automakers see high definition maps as essential for autonomous cars
  • Do autonomous vehicles really need high definition maps?
  • Precision at the core of the autonomous vehicle map
  • Self-driving trucks present unique obstacles for map developers
  • Vehicle location accuracy could depend on artificial intelligence
  • Mapping for autonomous vehicles: new requirements, new rules
  • Autonomous vehicle maps must pair with core competency
  • Enriching the image: crowd-sourcing and blockchain will make better maps
  • How community spirit could improve autonomous vehicle mapping
  • Setting standards for high definition maps could be the key to the autonomous vehicle

‘Special report: Mastering the autonomous vehicle map’ provides insight from a range of industry stakeholders, including:

  • Blackmore Sensors and Analytics
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Center for Automotive Research (CAR)
  • Continental
  • Daimler
  • Great Wall Motor
  • HERE
  • Mapillary
  • Nvidia
  • Scania
  • Seek thermal
  • TomTom
  • Ushr
  • what3words

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