Special report: Artificial intelligence and the autonomous vehicle

Automotive World looks at the role of artificial intelligence in automated driving

Automotive World has published a new report which looks at the role of AI in autonomous vehicles.

The prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) at CES 2019 underlined its importance in all aspects of future technology; few would deny, however, that the autonomous vehicle (AV) is perhaps the area of technology most in need of successful AI development and implementation. When the driver isn’t human, a vehicle’s computational decision-making will need to be capable of assessing and reacting to unique situations and eventualities beyond those for which coding and algorithms exist.

This exclusive Automotive World report explores the development of AI for automated and autonomous vehicles, and some of the ways in which that technology can be applied.

Special report: Artificial intelligence and the autonomous vehicle’ https://www.automotiveworld.com/research/special-report-artificial-intelligence-and-the-autonomous-vehicle/ is available to download now from the research section of AutomotiveWorld.com.

In this report:

  • Executive summary
  • The road to automation is long – can AI help shorten the journey?
  • Major automakers partner up with tech players for all-important AI
  • Driverless cars still need a human touch
  • Deep learning to play crucial role in the future of mobility
  • How Human Perception AI could balance safety and entertainment in AVs
  • Processing power progress leapfrogs AI development
  • How important will AI and emotions be for the AV?
  • AI leader cultivates cross-industry innovation
  • Suppliers forge the relationship between AI and sensors
  • Interview: Alden Woodrow, Chief Executive, Ike

Special report: Artificial intelligence and the autonomous vehicle’ provides insight from a range of leading automotive industry stakeholders and experts, including:

  • AEye
  • Affectiva
  • ai
  • Aptiv
  • Center for Automotive Research (CAR)
  • Harman
  • Ike
  • Navigant Research
  • Nvidia
  • Oliver Wyman
  • ZF

Automotive World subscribers can access the report by following this link: https://www.automotiveworld.com/research/special-report-artificial-intelligence-and-the-autonomous-vehicle/

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