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Solar Team Eindhoven unveils solar-powered driving house making a 3000 kilometre journey

By saving energy, Stella Vita can drive up to 730 km on a sunny day

Today, Solar Team Eindhoven presents the world’s solar powered mobile home called Stella Vita. The vehicle generates enough solar energy to live and drive on. With this, the students are taking the next step towards a sustainable future. On 19 September, the solar house on wheels will hit the road for the first time and start a journey through Europe.

 Presenting our newest solar-vehicle: Stella Vita!

Stella Vita is a Self-sustaining House On Wheels. This means that the mobile house is self-sufficient in terms of energy. Through solar panels on the roof, it is independent of charging stations. The vehicle generates enough solar energy to drive, shower, watch TV, charge your laptop and make coffee.

The solar house on wheels has a roof that slides up when stationary. This makes it easy to stand inside to cook, sleep or work. In addition, extra solar panels fold out when the roof is raised, doubling the solar surface to as much as 17.5 square metres. For daily use, a comfortable interior has been designed that is as light and efficient as possible. By using energy efficiently, Stella Vita can travel up to 730 km on a sunny day.

The team unveils the vehicle to a room full of young students. “They are the future, the next generation and can encourage and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future,” said Kjell Revenberg, team manager of Solar Team Eindhoven. “To accelerate this transition we are going to inspire as many people in Europe as possible for the sustainable future during our journey”.

The students will travel with Stella Vita in one month from Eindhoven to the southernmost tip of Spain on energy from the sun. Together with their partners, including main sponsor Coolblue, the students will show the future of sustainable travel.

SOURCE: Solar Team Eindhoven


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