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Significant updates for Toyota’s rally-bred performance hatchback

The new Toyota GR Yaris benefits from technical, design and construction enhancements that promise to deliver an even greater driving experience.

  • Maximum power from the in-line three-cylinder 1.6-litre turbocharged engine increased to 280 DIN hp/206 kW, with peak torque of 390 Nm
  • Brand new eight-speed GAZOO Racing Direct Automatic Transmission option with competition-standard rapid shifting
  • Redesigned driver’s cockpit with race car-style digital instrumentation and improved location of key controls and data sources
  • Increased body rigidity, strengthened suspension, full-time all-wheel drive and new selectable drive modes
  • Single “Circuit” specification version offered in Europe, with powertrain cooling package as standard
  • Exclusive Ogier and Rovanperä special editions, developed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s world champion drivers
  • Conversion of the GR Yaris to run on hydrogen gives a glimpse of future possibilities for developing performance car engines that use carbon-neutral fuel


The original GR Yaris, first revealed in 2020, received such a positive reception on its launch, Toyota might have considered its work was done. Here was a car that at straight away stormed to the top of the hot-hatch segment, a rally-born, thoroughbred machine that left all competitors in its wake.

This was in fact just the start of the story. In the three years since the first car came off the production line, intensive efforts have been invested in making it even better: more powerful, more responsive, more engaging and more rewarding to drive.

The winning combination of power, poise and precise control of the GR YARIS Rally1 HYBRID competition car has filtered down directly from World Rally, the sport’s premier competition, to the new GR Yaris, a car that’s genuinely “born from WRC”. This high-performance hatchback is a perfect expression of Toyota’s focus on using involvement in top level motorsport to fuel the development of ever better cars – both for racing and the road.

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing engineers have worked with race and rally professionals in the spirit of constant improvement to enrich the GR Yaris’ essential character as a “driver-first” car – one that is all about the special experience you enjoy from the moment you get behind the wheel and fire up the engine.

The check-list of changes is extensive, justifying the “new GR Yaris” description. Key elements include evolution of the world-leading turbocharged three-cylinder engine to deliver even more power and torque and the introduction of a brand-new eight-speed GAZOO Racing Direct Automatic Transmission, engineered for competition-fast gear changes.

The bespoke GR Yaris chassis has been further strengthened and in the cabin the cockpit layout and driving position have been redrawn for a more authentic sports car feel, whether on-road driving or in motorsports competition. The suspension has also been adjusted for greater handling control and robust performance under high loads, with revised spring rates and a strengthened front shock absorber assembly.

The new GR Yaris offers everything that made the original such a success, but more so. As a result, it promises to set itself even further ahead of the competition.

A more focused range comprises a single version in “Circuit” specification that includes a cooling performance pack. This equips the car with an additional sub-radiator, intercooler spray and modified air intake.

The new GR Yaris will go on sale across Europe from Summer 2024.

SOURCE: Toyota

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