The Automotive & Industrial Systems Company of Panasonic Corporation is stepping up development of new businesses and services in the IoT field, combining its HMI (Human Machine Interface) design technology with leading UI/UX (user interface, user experience) technology in cooperation with start-ups in Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs around the world.

Panasonic is exhibiting its new IoT services concepts at CES 2018 Tech West (Sands, Halls A-D, Booth #40060) from January 9-12, 2018. The three “Touch by Panasonic” solutions feature a natural interface between people and things, and will be showcased with actual applications for residential and commercial applications in hands-on and interactive demonstrations.

One Touch Home Automation “eny” 

Visitors experience a “convenient” Smart Home with the one-tap function to control various smart devices (smart speakers, smart lights, etc.) via integrated cloud services and smartphone apps.

One Touch ID Authentication 

A factory solution featuring easy ID authentication with electric-field communication carried out with a natural touching motion, and enabling equipment operations according to workers’ tag information to help factories improve work safety and production efficiency.

Camera Stabilizer 

An actuator capable of simultaneous drive of three axes combining image stabilizer and tracking functions, reproducing a perfect image of an object under any circumstance. With anticipated usage in drones, robots, and extreme sports, among other fields, it will be released in March 2018 as a developer kit.

Panasonic Corporation Automotive & Industrial Systems Company 

Business contacts: 

Yushi Nakamura