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Panasonic Automotive Systems, Trend Micro, and VicOne demonstrate virtualization security solution for next-generation vehicle cockpit systems

Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., Trend Micro Incorporated and VicOne Inc. have demonstrated the effectiveness of virtualization security solution to cope with cyber-attacks against next-generation cockpit systems, which evolve current infotainment systems

Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (Representative Director, CEO: Masashi Nagayasu, Head office: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, hereinafter, Panasonic Automotive), Trend Micro Incorporated (Representative Director, CEO: Eva Chen, Head office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, hereinafter, Trend Micro), and VicOne Inc. (CEO: Max Cheng, hereinafter, VicOne) have demonstrated the effectiveness of virtualization security solution to cope with cyber-attacks against next-generation cockpit systems, which evolve current infotainment systems*1 (IVI: In-Vehicle Infotainment).

*1: IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) is a vehicular equipment to offer information and entertainment to drivers and passengers.

Since 2018, Panasonic Automotive and Trend Micro have been working on the development of cybersecurity technologies to detect and prevent cyber-attacks against automated driving and connected cars, with the aim of realizing safe automated driving and connected cars. This announcement expands the scope of development to cover cybersecurity for next-generation cockpit systems, in addition to the joint development since 2018.

In the next-generation cockpit systems, there is a trend toward consolidating infotainment systems and functions such as instrument clusters and car navigation systems, which has been equipped on multiple ECUs (Electronic Control Units), into a single ECU using virtualization platform*2. It is also being considered to introduce third-party applications that communicate with outside of the vehicles, and the consolidation of advanced driver assistance functionality that support driving control and driver warning. At the same time, there are also concerns over possible cyber-attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in next-generation cockpit systems. For example, gaining unauthorized access to parts of the integrated systems via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other communication interfaces, could influence the other functions such as advanced driver assistance systems.

*2: Virtualization platform is software technology such as hypervisor that runs multiple operating systems on a single computer and ECU.

In regard to these issues, the companies have confirmed that virtualization security solution equipped with Panasonic Automotive’s VERZEUSE™ for Virtualization Extensions, and Trend Micro and Trend Micro’s subsidiary VicOne’s xCarbon can be used to monitor communications data in virtualization platform of next-generation cockpit systems, and detect and prevent unauthorized communication caused by cyber‐attacks.

Panasonic Automotive’s VERZEUSE™ for Virtualization Extensions has an extension interface that provides the communication data to use virtual devices. With this interface, security functions can run as security plugins on virtualization platform, which can monitor the communication data. In addition, it is possible to locate security functions in a safe area on virtualization platform where cyber‐attacks are hard to reach, enhancing robustness.

Trend Micro and VicOne’s xCarbon is embedded security module for vehicles, which detects and prevents cyber-attacks. By cooperating with the interface of VERZEUSE™ for Virtualization Extensions, xCarbon can monitor communication data in virtualization platform and protect next-generation cockpit systems from cyber-attacks that exploits vulnerabilities, communication abnormalities and so on.

Panasonic Automotive, Trend Micro, and VicOne will continue to improve technical examination based on the findings obtained from this demonstration, as they strive toward the practical application of next-generation cockpit systems equipped with this virtualization security solution.

The contents of this press release will be exhibited at the 15th Automotive World*3, held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 25 (Wed.) to 27 (Fri.).

*3 A general exhibition in automotive field. We will exhibit our security solution at the Connected Car EXPO Trend Micro Exhibition Booth (No. 48-7).

System diagram of the joint development

image:System diagram of the joint development

SOURCE: Panasonic

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