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Maserati: MC20 centre stage at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2024

The two MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda special series make their debut alongside a fascinating MC20 Cielo Fuoriserie and the legendary MC12 Versione Corse

From 11 to 14 July, Maserati will be there at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed, with a multi-pronged tribute to the super sports car par excellence: the innovative, first-of-its-kind MC20.

The Trident halo car with its unmistakable style – launched in 2020 as the first model equipped with the innovative V6 Nettuno engine – is a one-of-a-kind car that has carved out a leading role in both its eclectic versions, coupé and convertible, and is always ready to take over the stage at the biggest, most popular motorsport events in the world.

One of these is the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, southern England: every year, it brings together legendary drivers, teams and modern heroes of motorsport, alongside the most beautiful and most coveted models on two and four wheels, from both the present and the past.

At Goodwood, two MC20 special series will be unveiled live for the first time: the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda, produced in a limited edition of 20 units each, created to celebrate a very important anniversary for Maserati, a brand with a glorious past on the track in FIA GT competitions.

The two cars are intended as a tribute to the victorious MC12 and to the two decades since the Trident’s return to competition in 2004, when it arrived back on the racetrack after 37 years away from the chequered flag.
For this major anniversary, two special liveries have been designed, inspired by the MC12 Stradale and MC12 GT1 Vitaphone respectively. The cars include various features from the Fuoriserie personalisation programme: refined and exclusive liveries and interiors, finally offered up for the public to appreciate them up close and personal. 

On display in the Supercar Paddock, dedicated to breathtaking cars and the purest performance, the MC20 Icona and MC20 Leggenda will be in the company of another iconic creation of the Modena-based marque: the MC12 Versione Corse.
Developed in 2006 and based on its racing sibling, it was designed for exclusive non-competitive use on the track and produced in a limited series (only 12 customer units and one prototype): with its extraordinary 755-hp V12 engine, it epitomised a car that has written unforgettable chapters in the history of motorsport.

Rounding off the quartet of the Trident’s stars will be an exclusive MC20 Cielo in Blu Victory, also on show in the Supercar Paddock. With its bewitching paintwork, the immersive spyder whose retractable glass roof can provide a superior experience features the Trident painted in white on the tonneau cover.
The metallic colour of the MC20 Cielo in Blu Victory from the Collezione Corse Fuoriserie was selected to take up the nuance of the MC12 from 20 years ago.

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the MC20 Icona, MC20 Leggenda and MC20 Cielo will offer up a taste of all their extraordinary power and appeal when they take part in unmissable Hillclimb, the highlight of the Festival, where classic and modern racing cars and motorcycles will be whizzing up the 1.16 miles of the renowned hill: an unparalleled catwalk, where Maserati will also be putting its extraordinary creations on show.

Maserati’s attendance at the eagerly awaited British event is complemented by the display of the latest addition to the House of the Trident: GranCabrio Folgore, the first 100% electric convertible in the luxury segment and the fastest on the market. The stylish convertible with a sporty, comfortable design for four, also making it perfect for long journeys, will grab everyone’s attention along Goodwood’s Electric Avenue.

With its engine based on 800V technology and developed with cutting-edge technical solutions, GranCabrio Folgore guarantees optimal performance encompassed in a distinctive design and is defined by its innovative technical specifications, giving it a unique presence in the luxury convertible segment.

SOURCE: Maserati

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