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Magna’s SmartAccess power door system hits the market in style

Complete power door system with first-to-market Haptronik™ motion control

Magna is revolutionizing vehicle access experiences with the launch of its SmartAccess™ power door system on the opposing rear doors of the Ferrari Purosangue. The complete system includes Magna’s power door drive unit, SmartLatch™ with cinch actuator and first-to-market integrated Haptronik™ software.

Haptronik™ is an innovative motion control software that enhances the tactile feel of door movement, enabling effortless opening and closing. It can detect when the vehicle is parked on a curb or a hill and automatically adapts the gravitational force so that opening and closing remains smooth in these conditions. It also includes anti-slam and wind catch features.

“As an industry leader in advanced mechatronic systems, we are excited to bring one of our most innovative solutions to market,” said Jeff Hunt, President of Magna Mechatronics, Mirrors and Lighting. “By combining our mechanical expertise with our advanced software capabilities, we have been able to reimagine traditional vehicle access and offer a unique and more luxurious experience when entering the Purosangue.”

The system will launch with several other Asian and North American automakers in 2023. SmartAccess™ can also offer a host of additional consumer-related features including:

Ability to customize the door feel to specific consumer desires,
Gesture control allowing the wave of a hand to open or close the side door,
Non-contact obstacle detection where the side doors can sense a post or adjacent vehicle and stop the door in a controlled manner, and
Keypad for seamless keyless entry.


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