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Innovative product for electric vehicles: Rheinmetall develops new plug and play solution for heat pumps

Rheinmetall offers a new heat pump for electric vehicles as a plug and play solution

Rheinmetall offers a new heat pump for electric vehicles as a plug and play solution. The compact component is completely pre-assembled and filled. The intelligent cold and heat management of the new refrigerant system can not only increase the range of vehicles and the service life of the materials, but also the comfort for the car occupants. It was developed for the precise air conditioning of the interior and the intelligent conditioning of batteries in electric vehicles and drive components.

Due to the ever-increasing demands on the complex thermal management of modern electric vehicles, the number of individual components and connections for the cooling and refrigerant circuit is increasing sharply. This is where the new refrigerant system from Rheinmetall comes in, by helping to save important installation space thanks to its compact design as a complete system. The system solution is designed for 400 and 800 volt applications. It delivers up to 8 kW nominal cooling and up to 11 kW heating capacity for battery and hybrid systems. It is available as a plug and play solution and thus facilitates the electrification of drives in commercial vehicles, construction machinery and boats, in particular because the complete system can be integrated into both new and existing vehicle platforms.

As an active element in the vehicle’s thermal management, the new compact heat pump ensures precise conditioning of the battery and electric motor and also takes care of air conditioning in the interior. The cooling or heating takes place via a connected coolant circuit made of water and glycol. The optimized thermal management system from Rheinmetall makes an important contribution to economical, efficient and convenient electromobility, in particular through the most precise, intelligent control possible, so that the service life of the components and the range of the vehicles can be significantly increased.

With the complete package of a plug and play solution for refrigerant systems, Rheinmetall has taken another step into the future market of electromobility, which has high growth potential.

SOURCE: Rheinmetall

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