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General Motors model plans and production outlook to 2021 – A new Automotive World report

A new Automotive World report, ‘General Motors model plans and production outlook to 2021‘ is available to download from the research section of AutomotiveWorld.com.

Having reported its fourth successive year of record sales, with retail deliveries of 10.008 million vehicles in 2016, General Motors is now in the midst of a major strategic realignment. The sale of Opel/Vauxhall to PSA Group followed announcements of plant closures and capacity reductions in India, Indonesia, Russia and Thailand, plans to end sales in India, and the cessation of sales and production in South Africa. However, GM has also announced major investments in China and NAFTA, and in projects such as its Global Emerging Markets architecture, which will eventually underpin over 2 million small cars annually. These changes, and other factors, are examined in this exclusive Automotive World report which outlines how, by 2021, GM’s output will be nearly 8% ahead of 2016 levels.

The report’s author, Jonathan Storey, commented: “Many commentators have referred to the disruptive threats faced by GM from innovative competitors, but the biggest disruption in recent years has come from within, as GM has transformed into a much more tightly focused company, not afraid to slaughter a few sacred cows on the way to a sustainable profit model. This report challenges some of GM’s thinking, but it also buys into specific aspects of the OEM’s strategy, such as plans for Cadillac, anticipating strong growth by the end of the forecast period.”

Table of contents

  • Executive summary
  • Chapter 1: Company overview
  • Chapter 2: Sale, product development & brand strategy
  • Chapter 3: Reconfiguration of global operations
  • Chapter 4: Production forecast
  • Appendix (Excel)o    General Motors model planso    General Motors production by brand and model (2012-2016)o    General Motors production forecasts by brand and model (2017-2021)



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