Free2Move Mobility Hub expands to Austin

Austin joins Denver, Portland and Washington, D.C., offering residents vehicle access options with the Free2Move Mobility Hub

Free2Move, driven to develop flexible mobility solutions that meet the evolving market demand, is excited to add Austin, Texas, to its list of Mobility Hubs. Austinites can already see the Free2Move fleet of 100 Jeep® Renegade vehicles parked on the city streets. As of today, Austin residents are able to book a Jeep Renegade through the Free2Move App for a rental by the minute, by the day or by the month.

Free2Move has prioritized Austin as a Mobility Hub thanks to the city’s commitment to bring additional mobility services to its community. The Free2Move fleet of Jeep Renegades is perfect for local residents to use as part of their daily urban transportation system and for visitors of Austin to use throughout the duration of their stay. Free2Move can be part of a park-and-ride system and is equally as convenient for weekend getaways to San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. With all the concerts and events being held in Austin, the need for transportation is endless.

The Free2Move Austin Mobility Hub will focus on:

  • Carsharing and Rent – With services ranging from minutes to up to seven days, users can access vehicles parked in the Free2Move service area; customers can leave the service area and pause their trip, as long as the trip ends within the designated service area; parking, gas and insurance are included
  • Car On Demand – For month-to-month subscription, without long-term commitment; all-inclusive service with maintenance, insurance and 24/7 assistance all in a single price; cars will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep

The Free2Move Austin vehicle fleet will ramp up to 150 cars over the next few weeks.

Free2Move is known for its simplicity of its service and its ability to meet the needs of clients. 72% of Free2Move’s customers are under 40 years of age and 52% of Free2Move customers use the service several times per month. With more than 50,000 university students in the Austin area, the Free2Move customer base in this market is impressively large.

In addition to the business-to-consumer services, Free2Move provides special offers to businesses, including coupon codes to encourage employees to use the new mobility solution.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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