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First Genesis Studio debuts in Shanghai, pioneering an all-new experience concept to design authentic relationships with Chinese customers

Global luxury automotive brand Genesis opens its first Genesis Studio in the center of Shanghai, China, a complete embodiment of the brand’s customer-centric mindset where guests can immerse themselves in the entirety of the brand experience

Global luxury automotive brand Genesis opens its first Genesis Studio in the center of Shanghai, China, a complete embodiment of the brand’s customer-centric mindset where guests can immerse themselves in the entirety of the brand experience.

The opening of the first Genesis Studio in Shanghai marks the landing of an all-new business model tailored for the Chinese market – an omnichannel approach to be rolled out gradually based on direct sales, supported by trusted agents and online sales. The Studio is the very first physical touchpoint for Genesis as it designs authentic relationships with Generation Genesis, the bold, forward-looking Chinese customers who resonate with a new kind of luxury. For any guest inspired by the brand, the Studio is a destination for Genesis to deliver meaningful, stress-free experiences centered on human-touch, convenience and trust.

“Genesis is a global luxury automotive brand designing customer experiences that go beyond our products. Making a positive difference to the lives of our customers is our mission, brought to life through our unique Genesis Experience,” said Markus Henne, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Motor China. “As our first interaction with Chinese customers, we designed the Genesis Studio to be more than just a showroom. It is a luxury lifestyle oasis where people can experience our vehicles, the arts and culture combined with thoughtful hospitality. It is a place for sharing inspiration, making meaningful connections, and creating memorable moments.”

A Space Designed for the Meaningful

Spanning over two floors, the Genesis Studio Shanghai resides in a well-exposed corner building in the heart of Shanghai at Hong Kong Plaza – over 1,300 square-meter space designed by global architectural firm Suh Architects.

Genesis Studio Shanghai focuses on senses and emotions for an inspiring customer experience, incorporating the brand’s signature scent and sound throughout its interior and exterior.

From the materials of the building to the vehicle display, the Genesis Studio Shanghai allows guests to comfortably browse and discover the Athletic Elegance of Genesis’ vehicles in an architectural, experiential setting.

The exterior of the building features corten steel; its rust-colored hues naturally evolve over time, echoing the deepening value that Genesis brings to its customers. This corten steel facade folds horizontally to remove a formal threshold and open the entire double-height space to the public. Its perforated pattern is revealed best after sundown when interior lighting reveals an architectural roofscape.

The studio’s interior spatial beauty is a balance of contrasts; coarse exposed concrete walls present an industrial backdrop that highlights the refined, reflective contours of the impeccably engineered vehicles on display. New models are displayed adjacent to multi-faceted mirror arrays that allow customers to observe car details from different perspectives, creating not just a product experience, but also an art installation.

Interactive aspects further cultivate a living, dynamic showroom space of the first floor of the Genesis Studio Shanghai. An assembly of vehicle doors arranged in a wing-like pattern allows customers to freely touch and move through the various exterior and interior color combinations.

Leading A New Kind of Luxury Lifestyle

The Genesis Studio thus spatially extends its brand story beyond an automotive one. The Studio allows all of its guests to dwell and experience the entirety of the Genesis Experience and the refined lifestyle it encompasses as it continues upstairs.

On the second floor of the Genesis Studio Shanghai, Genesis introduces a distinctly Korean culinary and hospitality experience: the Genesis Restaurant. This is a place that connects people, where diversity and creativity tastefully come together in the form of modern and contemporary Korean cuisine.

Ahn, Hyun Min, an internationally renowned Korean chef who has led some of the most prominent professional kitchens in China for over 10 years, has crafted an exclusive Genesis menu in collaboration with Onjium, the legendary institute for research into traditional Korean culture.

The launch of the studio is also complemented by Genesis’ collaboration with Shanghai Fashion Week, presenting a Genesis X Xander Zhou capsule collection that debuted in a fashion show. Inspired by Genesis’ signature Two Line architecture, the capsule collection will be featured on a customized “runway” accentuated by two lines.

In order to naturally extend the experience into art, design and luxury lifestyle, Genesis will infuse the place with creative energy by hosting regular lifestyle events across a variety of canvases.

Delivering the Genesis Experience with Memorable Moments

The unique Genesis Experience is designed to build trusted, authentic relationships with effortless comfort and convenience for every customer, through a variety of memorable moments with Genesis.

To create a deeper emotional connection between guests and the brand, the Genesis Partner Concept establishes one-to-one relationship for each guest starting from the first greeting and extending throughout the entire Genesis lifetime journey. The guest will be welcomed and assisted by the dedicated Genesis Partner throughout every interaction with the brand, way beyond the physical space. In this way, each guest’s preferences and needs will always be met by the most familiar and convenient experience possible.

Furthermore, Genesis Signature Drives, curated by the dedicated Genesis Partner, offer an intimate experience not just with Genesis vehicles, but also the luxury lifestyle encompassed by Genesis. Stationed directly at Genesis Studio Shanghai, is an extensive fleet of vehicles for guests to test drive, with the option to depart from the Studio or a location set at the guest’s discretion anywhere within the city – creating the possibility to extend the Genesis Experience conveniently.

More exciting moments are designed to delight guests with surprising experiences along the journey in the Genesis Studio. That is the confirmation of the brand ambition to deliver the comprehensive and touchable Genesis Experience.

SOURCE: Hyundai

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