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FASC Assembles First DAF LF Distribution Truck In Taiwan

 The first locally assembled DAF LF distribution truck came of the production line at FASC – Formosa Automobile Sales Corporation – in Taiwan. DAF has been active in Taiwan since 2006 and is the market leader among the European brands.

FASC, responsible for the marketing and sales of DAF trucks in Taiwan, assembles two versions of the popular distribution truck: the 12 ton LF45 and the 17 ton LF55. “The LF is very manoeuvrable and with its easy cab access and low weight the vehicle is perfectly suited for urban and regional distribution,“ said Seiko Chen, Chairman FASC. “With the LF, we want to further strengthen our position in Taiwan and we aim to assemble 200 vehicles next year.“

Semi Knocked Down
The DAF LF trucks are assembled in Taiwan by using so-called ’SKD’ packages (Semi Knocked Down), which are shipped from Leyland in Great Britain to Taipei. FASC assembly employees are trained by DAF which guarantees that the quality of a truck assembled in Taiwan is of the same high level as a manufactured vehicle in Europe. Besides the LF, Formosa since 2006 also assembles the popular DAF CF85 series.

“Almost a year ago, FASC assembled the thousandth DAF CF85. With the start of the assembly of the LF45 and LF55 we have added a new milestone in the cooperation,“ said Michiel Kuijs, Managing Director Sales Operations at DAF Trucks NV. “We are proud to have a professional and successful partner like FASC to work with on the further expansion of DAF Trucks in Taiwan.“


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