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Daimler Buses launches bus chassis especially for chartered transport services on the Brazilian market

Daimler Buses and Mercedes-Benz do Brasil have launched the OF 1621 bus chassis on the Brazilian market

Daimler Buses and Mercedes-Benz do Brasil have launched the OF 1621 bus chassis on the Brazilian market. The chassis is particularly suitable for charter transport, for example as a factory shuttle, with the shorter front and rear overhangs simplifying driving maneuvers in tight inner cities. Rimatur Transportes, one of the largest companies in charter transport in Brasil, has acquired the first mounted vehicle.

Tailor-made solutions in cooperation with partners and customers

Due to its “plug and play” characteristics, the new Mercedes-Benz OF 1621 is a chassis that comes ready for bodybuilding, thereby ensuring more speed, less interference and less repositioning of components, not to mention fewer adjustments to the exhaust system, brake systems and chassis frame supports. Among other things, the wheelbase of 5,950 mm also contributes to the bodybuilder-friendly overall construction. It has enabled the OF 1621 to be equipped with a 300-liter fuel tank and pre-installations for an air conditioning system in a manner that relieves the need for subsequent reworking. Less reworking means that customers enjoy lower acquisition costs and the best cost/benefit ratio in the chartered transport services market.

The new OF 1621 has been a joint development of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil with the bodybuilders and with Rimatur Transporters, one of the leading charter transport companies in Brasil. This cooperation with partners and customers underlines the efforts of Daimler Buses to respond to market-specific needs and to offer demand-oriented transport solutions around the globe.

Rimatur Transportes is the first company to acquire the OF 1621 for its fleet

Bus operator Rimatur Transportes, from the Brazilian State of Parana, is the first customer to acquire the new Mercedes-Benz OF 1621. Rimatur’s main activity is the provision of chartered transport services, transporting the staff for call center companies and industrial hubs such as those of São José dos Pinhais, Campo Largo and Fazenda Rio Grande, in the Metropolitan region of Curitiba. “Our fleet operates from Monday to Saturday, in three work shifts, with an average of 90 minutes travel between the companies and the homes of their employees”, says Emerson Imbronizio, Commercial Director of Rimatur. “Due to this, we suggested to Mercedes-Benz partners and bodybuilders that they produce a bus which ensures optimum seating capacity. Furthermore, the short front overhang offers a better angle of approach which facilitates maneuvering in cities and particularly in tight districts within the cities themselves. This helps us to comply with the timetables – something that is essential in the continuous chartered transport service”.

The new chassis is equipped with the 208 hp OM 924 LA engine, has a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of 16.5 tons and comes with the 6-speed G-85 transmission, renowned for its efficiency and driving comfort. The engine also drives the air conditioning compressor, which is an optimal solution for chartered operations. The OF 1621 bus chassis can be fitted with bodies measuring up to 12.55 meters in length, thus enabling the installation of up to 48 seats for passengers plus an additional wheelchair space.

SOURCE: Daimler

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