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Busworld 2017: Eberspaecher Suetrak employing CO2-refrigerant for bus air-conditioning systems

At the 2017 Busworld show in Kortrijk, Belgium from 20 to 25 October, bus thermal management specialist Eberspaecher Suetrak will be presenting its new sustainable cooling, heating and ventilation products (Rambla/stand R-41). With its innovative concept system AC250, the company will be presenting a platform constructed for future use of the natural refrigerant CO2. Another product highlight will be the fifth generation of the globally successful roof-mounted air-conditioner AC353, which is capable of operating in all climate zones.

Eberspaecher Suetrak is carrying out intensive research and development work on systems featuring alternative refrigerants. The concept system designated AC250 is a development platform based on the environmentally sustainable, safe and efficient refrigerant CO2. The modular solution is designed to handle commonly used refrigerants and the future use of CO2. The system is specially tailored to meet the key requirements of electric, hybrid and trolley buses. The biggest plus-point of the AC250 is its integrated heat pump, featuring an innovative air flow reversal function which makes the previously complex refrigerant circuit much simpler. The air vents change the direction of the air flow to provide a seamless transition between cooling and heating mode. The refrigerant circuit remains stable in all operating states – there are no standstill times such as are needed when conventional systems switch mode.

Pleasantly cool even at tropical temperatures
Reliable, durable, robust – the fifth-generation roof-mounted air-conditioner AC353-5 combines the groundbreaking attributes of the globally successful AC353 product family in one system. With multiple variants featuring cooling power specifications from 27 to 48 kilowatts, the system is capable of operating both in temperate climate zones as well as in countries where tropical temperatures prevail. The reduced weight and upgraded components have enabled savings to be made on the consumption of refrigerant and electric power – by as much as 10 percent according to system variant. The new, dynamic system design features distinctive clean lines and shapes.

V188: Optimal passenger comfort on-board touring coaches
With the V188, Eberspaecher Suetrak offers an evaporator unit which can be built-in to the bus’s roof. The adaptable air-conditioning solution delivers optimal comfort for passengers on-board touring coaches – whether single or double deckers. The unit’s light weight and low construction height reduce air resistance, enabling the system to operate even more efficiently. With up to 100 percent fresh air flow, it offers passengers optimal climate comfort.

Intuitive and flexible operation using the E-Control platform

The thermal management specialist has developed E-Control, a solution for the flexible control of all on-board heating and cooling components. At the heart of the system is the control unit, the E-Control Box. The modular system structure enables centralized control of all air-conditioning components, including the roof-mounted and driver’s seat air-conditioners, the compressor, convector, heater, and floor heating. Custom settings can be programmed for buses with conventional combustion engines as well as for electric and hybrid buses. The platform is operated via the clearly structured state-of-the-art E-Control interface. Large, clearly labeled buttons enable the driver to intuitively control all the key functions while driving.

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