Bosch: One touch smarter, more innovative and more connected

eBiking will be significantly smarter for the 2021 model year thanks to the new Nyon on-board computer, which is fully connected to the digital eBike world of Bosch eBike Systems

eBiking will be significantly smarter for the 2021 model year thanks to the new Nyon on-board computer, which is fully connected to the digital eBike world of Bosch eBike Systems. Nyon automatically synchronises the ride data with the eBike Connect app and its associated online portal. While riding, the on-board computer shows eBikers the way, provides fitness data for the work-out and lets them know how much further they can ride in the selected support mode. And all this just by swiping your finger with the new Nyon on-board computer, which can be operated easily and intuitively via a touchscreen.

Making eBiking even more comfortable

The 3.2-inch high-resolution colour display has an impressive functional and elegant design, which has already won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The robust touchscreen can be operated even in rainy and dusty conditions, and even with touchscreen-compatible gloves. Nyon can be controlled comfortably while riding using the separate control unit. The on-board computer is easy to read in all riding situations. The display brightness and backlight automatically adjust to any lighting situation. The eBiker can also manually choose between a dark or bright display with maximum contrast. Nyon can be installed in two mounting positions, ensuring the ideal view of the display: The mount for the on-board computer can be placed either above the stem or centrally over the handlebar. The information shown on the display can be configured to your individual needs.

Delivering more riding enjoyment while discovering new routes

eBikers can plan the route for their next trip in the eBike Connect online portal and transfer it to Nyon. Routes from the Outdooractive platform are available in the portal and tours from the Outdoor app komoot can be imported. Navigation is controlled using the touchscreen: Destinations can be entered manually or selected on the map. The required map section can be easily enlarged and moved just by using your fingers. You can save the current location and even navigate back to it if you wanted to. Notification tones during navigation tell you when to make a turn. Nyon also informs you about the range: A map shows eBikers how far they will get in the selected support mode under the geographic conditions. During ride planning, Nyon knows whether the destination can be reached with the selected support and while on the move, it provides an early ‘heads up’ if a different mode should be selected to improve the range. This allows eBikers to concentrate fully on their trip.

Increasing motivation while training

The on-board computer can also help you achieve your personal fitness targets: It calculates the eBiker’s performance, shows the calorie consumption and can be paired with a heart rate monitor for precise cardio training. During the journey, Nyon compares speed, performance and cadence with the average performance values. Individual performance is shown graphically and analysed in the app and portal. Recorded ride data and tours can be shared using apps like Strava and komoot – for that extra motivational boost. With Nyon, the whole family can get active: It can be shared with several family members or friends and each user can then synchronise their ride data with their own account.

Creating a smart eBike experience

“You share the on-board computer with others, exchange exciting routes with friends and show them exactly where you are. eBikers today want smart, digital solutions that increase riding enjoyment on their eBikes. And with Nyon, you will have the ideal on-board computer for your personal Connected eBiking experience”, explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “The connected functions of Nyon also include the ‘Lock’ premium function for digital additional theft protection. And even more connectivity functions that enrich the cycling experience will follow in the future.”

The new Nyon on-board computer is available for retrofitting from specialist dealers from autumn 2020 and is compatible with all drive systems from model year 2014 onwards.