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AVL and partners combine expertise for faster, safer and affordable development of software-defined vehicles

EU-project FEDERATE unites automotive- and semiconductor industry as well as research

In the coming years, the cooperation partners want to identify, define and design software and hardware components that will serve as the basic functional requirements for the operation of all software-defined vehicles. Thanks to the pre-competitive exchange of methodologies and tools as well as collaborative work in an open source ecosystem, development time and costs can be significantly reduced. New interfaces enable updates as well as new functions to be integrated more quickly. In addition, vehicles will be able to access new cloud services faster, more efficiently and more securely – catch-word smart charging or e-banking.

Peter Priller, Principal Technology Scout AVL: “The new approach makes it possible to continuously improve safety and comfort in the vehicle through software updates and enhancements. For example, it will be possible to use artificial intelligence directly in the vehicle without having to give up data sovereignty.”

Georg List, Vice President Corporate Strategy AVL: “Cooperation between the automotive industry in the field of software is important and forward-looking. Together we create innovative solutions and collaboration models. We are proud of the trust the EU and the industry have in AVL to lead FEDERATE.”

Gereon Meyer, Head of European and International Business Development, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH: “With the software-defined vehicle, functions can be updated via an app, just like with a smartphone, without having to replace the physical hardware. This is possible because of the increasingly centralized control of vehicle electronics. However, a coordinated approach is required for maximum safety, efficiency and reliability. The FEDERATE project plays an important coordinating role here.”


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