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All-new Toyota Aygo X

All-new compact urban crossover body type, unique to the A-segment

The all-new Toyota Aygo X is a crossover unique in the A-segment, designed and produced in Europe to meet the demands of urban and suburban life in Europe.

In order to optimise the all-new Aygo X for the A-segment, Toyota undertook thorough research into urban driving requirements across the continent by listening to customers’ desire for a stylish, compact and confident car.

The result is the newest compact car in Toyota’s line-up, built on the successful GA-B platform of the Toyota Global New Architecture (TNGA), first introduced with the Yaris—Car of the Year in Europe in 2021—and later with the Yaris Cross.

Whether in the city or on open roads, an A-segment car must stand out by being compact and agile in order to communicate confidence to the driver. It also needs to create and convey a sense of emotion, while integrating the best technological advances in a compact package that’s economical to run. The all-new Aygo X delivers all of this and more, to be everything European customers desire from an A-segment car.

Stand out design

Since the Aygo first arrived in the market in 2005, not only has it been Toyota’s most accessible car in Europe, it has also delighted customers with its youthful and fun character. These qualities have attracted many new style-conscious European buyers to Toyota.

By moving from a hatchback to a crossover body type, Toyota’s stylists in Europe have created a unique sense of emotion in the new Aygo X, one that can be felt as a driver, a passenger, or even as someone just watching it pass by.

To start with, the hood silhouette combined with the rocker mouldings express the high lift appearance of the Aygo X as an urban crossover. Toyota’s stylists have also brought the front closer to the wheels. Coupled with the slanted back windows, this gives the Aygo X a condensed and compact look.

Flared wheel arches and mouldings further emphasise the large diameter tyres to express the confident stance of Aygo X on the road.

Inhabitants of Europe’s cities will recognise the Aygo X by its wedged roofline, shoulder axis and rear door shape. Together with a unique bi-tone paint that goes well beyond just a different colour roof, these details all work together to give the Aygo X an impulsive, “ready to go anywhere”, attitude.

Despite the strong individual identity of the Aygo X, it remains unmistakeably a Toyota from the front with its iconic double trapezoid shape. While at the back, Aygo’s DNA, always known for its sense of fun, is retained with the glass hatch and signature lamps.

Touch of spice

More than ever, new Toyota customers are demanding flair, distinctiveness, and the chance to make a personal statement.

Following the successful reveal and positive reception of the eye-catching “Sparkling Chilli Red” Aygo X prologue, Aygo X development was transferred to the Styling division at Toyota Motor Europe in Belgium, where the teams worked closely with product planning and R&D at Toyota’s European headquarters to turn the new A-segment car from concept to reality.

The new colour concept is inspired by various spices to develop a unique range of colours for the Aygo X, each capturing the flavours and personalities of the car. These four new premium colour palettes are only available with the Aygo X.

Cardamom conjures an impression of style and elegance, delivering a refined and understated aesthetics with the green’s low saturation effect.

Chilli is a fiery and premium colour that catches the eye of passers-by with a warm and deep colour reflection thanks to the inclusion of a fine sprinkling of blue metallic flakes in the red paint.

Ginger is a sophisticated and enduring beige which hints at a spirit of adventure and warm complexity in its hue.

Juniper is youthful with a touch of masculinity, and is a blue created specifically for the model to give it an icy coolness while adding subtle reddish undertones.

Each of these powerful spice colours are only offered with the bi-tone black paint, designed to create a stark and aesthetic contrast, developed with the entire styling of the Aygo X in mind. Instead of a simple black roof as with other models, the bi-tone paint also extends to the rear of the Aygo X and merges towards the front with the side rockers and wheel arches. The resulting effect creates a truly unique character to make the Aygo X instantly recognisable.

This spice theme isn’t just skin deep. Interior highlights match the exterior spice colours to give a distinctive design to the cockpit, including the dashboard and centre consoles. Closer inspection of the seats will show the “X” motif of the Aygo X discreetly stitched into the fabric. The Aygo X model name is also subtly echoed in the Keen Look headlamps to provide a strong and coherent identity.

A spicier Aygo X Limited in Cardamom will be available for the first six months of sales, featuring additional matte Mandarina accents in orange throughout the car with accent stripes on the exterior and on the bespoke 18” matte black alloy wheels. The Mandarina theme is also carried through the interior panels and leather seats.

Other monochrome colour choices will also be available, including Night Sky BlackPure White and Shimmering Silver depending on the grade.

Compact and agile

In adapting the proven and successful GA-B platform from the Yaris to create a unique crossover product for the A-segment, Toyota’s engineers modified the B-segment platform to reduce the front and rear overhangs and downsize the rear chassis section.

At 3,700mm in length, the new Aygo X is 235mm longer than its predecessor, although the wheelbase is increased by just 90mm. The front overhang is 72mm less than Yaris,

The crossover stand of the Aygo X is further emphasised with the front overhang which is 72mm shorter than the Yaris, and large diameter wheels which start from 17” and up to 18”.

Designed for the narrowest European city streets, the Aygo X also has an exceptionally small turning radius of just 4.7m, one of the tightest in the segment.

Total body width is increased by 125mm to 1,740mm compared to the Aygo. As a result, the front seats are moved 20mm further apart, increasing shoulder space by 45mm as part of the “shared interaction” cabin design to give occupants an improved in-cabin experience.

Luggage space is also segment-leading with 125mm more length for luggage in the boot, with total cargo capacity increased by more than 60 litres to 231litres compared to the previous generation. With the rear seats down, the boot space increases to 829 litres.

Furthermore, the Pagoda roof design maintains compact overall dimensions, while providing a comfortable, spacious cabin for driver and passengers. Vehicle height has been increased by 65mm to 1,525mm.

At the wheel, the steering system has been tuned for urban and suburban driving in Europe, coupled with the new S-CVT transmission. This delivers best-in-class initial response, intuitive gearing and linearity while keeping a strong power-fuel consumption balance.

Confident drive

Whether going through city traffic or cruising on highways, every driver wants to feel confident, and the Aygo X delivers this confidence in more ways than one.

As a compact high-riding crossover, ground clearance has been increased by 11mm from the previous generation, giving the driver more presence and assurance on the road.

The seating position has been raised by 55mm to improve easy eye contact with other road users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians. Moreover, the A-pillar has been reduced in size and the angle has been increased by 10% to 24º, further improving visibility out of the cabin.

Larger wheels and tyres also work with the proven TNGA suspension, partly re-engineered for the Aygo X from the GA-B suspension. Together with improved roll stiffness and lower roll angles, this provides exceptional ride comfort and control.

Expressing emotions

Aygo X is a car that knows how to express itself, even when it’s standing still.

In addition to the bold design and spice colour concept, the Aygo X also gives a feeling of robustness, thanks to the 40% tyre-to-body ratio befitting a crossover.

Interior noise levels have been reduced through extensive use and optimisation of sound insulating materials to create a quieter cabin. This represents a 10ppt improvement on the Articulation Index, making it amongst the top performers in the segment.

Toyota and JBL collaborated to deliver a premium audio system featuring a sound profile that is tailored to the characteristics of the Aygo X. The audio system consists of a four-speaker set up coupled with a 300W amplifier and a large 200mm subwoofer located in the trunk to deliver powerful bass, dynamic speaker response, and clear and wide sound stage.

The sky’s the limit in the Aygo X Air with the optional retractable canvas top, a first for an A-segment model with a crossover body type. The new canvas top is designed to maximise the driver’s experience by enlarging the opening by 40mm to increase the viewing angle by 20%.

Using high-quality materials normally found on premium models, the canvas top offers improved water and dust protection. The new wind deflector structure also improves durability and robustness for additional peace of mind.

Technologically advanced

The Aygo X is a compact car equipped with some of the latest big new features.

Customers will be able to stay connected and informed with their Aygo X via Toyota Smart Connect and the MyT smartphone app.

Toyota Smart Connect centres on a large 9” high-definition touchscreen display unit, featuring ambient lighting and embedded in the specially designed centre console with matching colour schemes. User experience is seamless with the accompanying MyT smartphone app, so customers can keep track of various vehicle analytics, such as driving analytics, fuel levels, warnings and vehicle tracker.

Toyota’s latest multimedia system also offers connected services such as cloud-based navigation through constantly updated live route information and road events, thanks to an embedded SIM card.

New services will continue to be introduced via over-the-air updates, so new software and connected services will be automatically pushed to the system. Toyota Smart Connect also offers wired and wireless smartphone connectivity via Android Auto® and Apple CarPlay®. Customers can also keep their smartphones charged via the wireless charging cradle.

Advanced full LED lighting technology is also being introduced to Toyota’s latest A-segment model, making this technology accessible to more customers. Daytime running lights and turning lights, consisting of two light pipes surrounded by a subtle glowing light, emphasise the iconic Aygo signature profile in all lighting conditions.

The Aygo X also takes a big step forward in terms of safety by introducing Toyota Safety Sense as standard in all markets for the first time on a compact A-segment model.

The latest Toyota Safety Sense employs a combination of monocular camera sensor and millimetre-wave radar, while the Pre-Collision System (PCS) with vehicle detection now operates at higher speeds. In addition, debuting on the Aygo X are day and night Pedestrian Detection, daytime Cyclist Detection, Collision Mitigation Support, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Trace Assist and Emergency Steering Assist.

While comprehensive, Toyota Safety Sense is only part of the overall safety and driver aid technologies offered in Toyota’s line-up. The Aygo X also features technologies such as Rear View Camera and Rear Seat Reminder System. Together with Toyota Safety Sense, they make up the complete Toyota T-Mate package of safety and driver aid features.

The Aygo X also includes additional passive safety features, such as structural reinforcements for impact absorption to ensure all-round safety.


The Aygo X has been designed to maximise economic performance from the ground up.

For example, Toyota’s engineers have worked hard to achieve the lowest body-in-white weight of any A- or B-segment car, even though the Aygo X has increased in dimensions overall. This engineering achievement helps deliver excellent fuel economy, making Toyota’s new A-segment car cheaper to run.

Front bumper and wheel arch mouldings further enhance fuel economy by guiding airflow slightly out from the tyres, thereby reducing turbulence around the front and sides of the car. The rear wheel arch mouldings also guide the passing airflow away from the tyres, and direct it to a convergence point at the rear of the car.

Toyota’s engineers also worked with tyre producers to design a type shape unique to the Aygo X which guides airflow as efficiently as possible.

The Aygo X is powered by the multiple-award winning 1-litre, 3-cylinder 1KR-FE engine that has been improved to meet European regulations while offering high levels of reliability and performance. The result is a combined WLTP fuel consumption rating of 4.7-5.0l/100km (manual transmission), 4.9-5.2 l/100km (S-CVT transmission), and 107-114 g/km (manual transmission), 110-117 g/km (S-CVT transmission) of CO2.

All of these improvements mean Toyota’s latest A-segment product is more economical to run in more ways than one. The Aygo X also continues to be the most accessible Toyota model to European customers. With a strong residual value, monthly instalments(1) will remain close to the previous Aygo.

Designed and produced in Europe for European customers, the all-new Aygo X will be setting the style in European cities very soon.

(1) Grade and pricing structure may differ in each market. Please refer to the local national Toyota distributor for more detailed information.

SOURCE: Toyota

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