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A new era of smart technology and innovation: Geely Automobile unveils its smart Geely 2025 strategy at Auto China 2024

World premiere of Starship, Geely’s new technology flagship SUV, based on its GEA architecture highlights the brand’s AI technology leadership

Geely Auto is showcasing its latest technological breakthroughs at Auto China 2024, which are epitomized by its cutting-edge SUV prototype, Starship, which makes its world premiere today at the auto show. With this prototype, Geely underscores its leadership in the new era of intelligent vehicles as the first automaker with the full-system capability to ” Build AI Cars with AI Architecture”.

Starship prototype

The Starship has been developed with Geely’s most advanced technology innovations yet in terms of intelligent architecture, safety, high-performance electrification, and smart ecosystems. Continuing the Yinhe family design language, Starship adheres to the original “Expanding Cosmos of Light” design and applies the new generation Leishen electric hybrid, 11-in-1 smart electric drive, panoramic surround audio AI system, and AI smart seats. The top technologies such as AI digital assistant and AI digital chassis innovatively integrate intelligent driving, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to create a high-value mobility experience for the future.

Geely Auto Group CEO, Mr. Gan Jiayue, stated, “These intelligent technologies will gradually be implemented in the Yinhe new energy product series, starting with the Starship, marking every new Yinhe series vehicle’s entry into the AI era.”

GEA global intelligent new energy architecture

GEA’s global intelligent new energy architecture is the world’s first four-in-one AI intelligent architecture combining “hardware, system, ecology, and AI”. It offers significant advancements in spatial design, intelligent energy, comprehensive safety, AI intelligence, and driving performance. It supports full electrification with options such as pure electric, hybrid, range extender, and green methanol, providing users with a wide and flexible range of power choices. Additionally, the GEA3.0 electronic and electrical architecture integrates advanced technologies such as multimodal AIGC, AI digital chassis, and AI smart driving, ushering in a new era of comprehensive AI intelligence in car manufacturing.

AI digital chassis

Geely’s self-developed AI digital chassis highlights the integration of its proprietary chassis technology, intelligence, electrification, and large-scale AI models across multiple domains, demonstrating industry-leading autonomous driving and active safety capabilities. This integration of the AI large model with a digital chassis allows Geely vehicles to perform the world’s first autonomous drift, enhancing intelligent safety assistance for users. The Geely AI digital chassis reacts in just 4 milliseconds, 25 times faster than the fastest human reaction, enabling “automatic evasive maneuvers” under extreme conditions and providing users with proactive accident prevention and control security.

High-performance three-electricity

In terms of electrification, Geely has introduced an 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, a new generation of Leishen electric hybrid, and a new generation of Shendun battery safety system. These demonstrate its leading capabilities in the complete vertical integration of the new energy industry chain, from core battery materials, battery packs, CTB battery technology, to independently developed and manufactured electric drives and controls.

The 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive is the lightest, smallest, and most efficient intelligent electric drive in the industry, earning the first “5A-level certification for electric drive assembly.” Under CLTC conditions, its efficiency reaches an industry-leading 90.04%, making it the only product in its class to exceed 90%, showcasing world-leading performance. The new generation of Leishen hybrid electric powertrain achieves a global highest thermal efficiency of 46%, with a full tank and full battery range of over 2000 km and a minimum fuel consumption of 2L.

Another breakthrough achievement is the silicon carbide hybrid drive which reduces silicon carbide usage by over 75% while achieving higher overall efficiency, promoting the comprehensive popularization of 800V, and achieving unlimited performance and energy saving.

The new generation of Shendun battery safety system pioneers four major safety standards: basic safety, vehicle safety, intelligent safety, and health safety, leading the new energy vehicles into a new era of battery safety. This system creates a complete set of four-layer “no blind spot” safety protection system for the Yinhe E8, covering battery, architecture, vehicle, intelligent control, and cloud, with 32 standard safety features, truly making safe and secure cars for users.

Empowering high-value experiences through technology

Empowering high-value experiences through technology is also the mission of Geely’s global brand development. As of now, Geely has established 576 sales and service outlets in 71 countries worldwide, covering core markets in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and beyond, offering a range of globally best-selling models. The showcase of the latest technologies at Auto China 2024 brings a higher-value image of Geely’s technology to the world, laying a solid foundation for delivering products and experiences that exceed expectations for global users, inspiring everyone to see the world in full.


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