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Automotive World Magazine – June 2023

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – June 2023

New mobility means new skillsets for established players, especially around software and electrification. Century-old brands are scrambling to reposition their line-ups and business models, but there’s a steep learning path, as VW is discovering with its Cariad unit.

This month we also hear from SEAT and Cupra CEO Wayne Griffiths on how he is taking these two brands into the era of new mobility. It’s a big ask, considering Cupra dares not risk alienating its racing and performance fanbase and SEAT is at times painfully constricted by affordability. Meanwhile, GM is finetuning its e-mobility push and dropping the all-electric Bolt, while Lexus is exploring a new design strategy for the electric era. We also sit down with Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm at the company’s Tuve plant in Gothenburg to hear about trucking’s transition to a battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell future.

In this issue:

  • SEAT and Cupra CEO tackles new mobility headwinds
  • General Motors drops Chevrolet Bolt for premium EVs
  • Ireland punching above its weight in new mobility innovation
  • The quantum leap is needed for automotive sustainability
  • Volvo’s Roger Alm: decarbonised transport is more than trucks
  • Volkswagen’s Cariad woes—is there a clear way forward?
  • Airspeeder makes flying race cars a reality
  • Lexus: efficiency represents the next chapter of electrified
  • Is this the cutting edge of cyber exploits?
  • Lithium-air promises cheaper and more powerful batteries
  • Dual chemistry batteries unlock 600+ mile range capability
  • Ford’s Model e forecasts US$3bn in 2023 losses—now what?
  • Mining vs recycling: is one superior for battery sourcing?
  • High-performance additives maximise renewable diesel potential
  • EVs and the grid—it’s all about give and take

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