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Automotive World Magazine – January 2023

Automotive World Magazine features the best and sharpest Automotive World content, curated specifically to help you understand the future of mobility

Automotive World Magazine – January 2023

New mobility is here to stay and for automakers there’s no turning back on this transition from sheet metal to services. Automotive World kicks off the new year with a deep dive into some of the corporate strategies at play in 2023. We hear first-hand from leadership at industry incumbents like Ford and DAF, as well as new arrivals like Nio, Lynk & Co and BeyonCa, on what it will take to navigate this new paradigm.

This month also features insights into the semiconductor shortage, EV charging developments and the potential for ‘work from home’ manufacturing.

In this issue:

    • Lynk & Co to reshape cities with ownership alternatives
    • Ford on new mobility: nothing is off the table
    • In global brand push, good design is universal—Nio
    • Subscribe here: are vehicle feature add-ons in demand?
    • In-cab monitoring: from Big Brother to little helper
    • DAF designers target optimum work and living space
    • Industry 4.0 opens door to ‘work from home’ manufacturing
    • Electreon CEO: wireless charging to dominate in five years
    • Will China dominate the luxury vehicle segment?
    • Decarbonising vans makes economic and environmental sense
    • D-Ford takes human-centric design to the next level
    • How to navigate prolonged electronics supply constraints
    • Catalonia jockeys for mobility leadership
    • Time to adopt a new approach to EV marketing
    • TeraWatt: commercial charging hubs to soon be commonplace

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