Intermodal mobility pairs old models with new tech

Smartphone apps now combine a variety of travel modes, improving access to mobility and overall convenience. By Freddie Holmes

The road networks of today’s cities have been built around the car. Intermodal mobility aims to bring alternative means of transportation to the masses, providing safe, clean and convenient links to major bus and rail hubs.

Special report: Integrated mobility

In the past, public authorities and the private sector have battled it out to attract riders. New companies have entered the fray to bring these two groups together, combining forces to give consumers a better experience. There are benefits for both sides: existing public transit services will be better utilised, and shared services more accessible; air pollution should fall as the need for privately owned diesel and gasoline cars declines; and a reduction in overall traffic congestion will improve the quality of life for all.

Intermodal mobility aims to create an ecosystem where the mentality is no longer ‘either or’ but ‘in combination with’. Rather than…