How to spot the next mobility unicorn in 2021

Hype around autonomous driving has cooled slightly, and new sectors are opening up. Caution remains around ‘high risk’ start-ups. By Freddie Holmes

Start-ups have been pivotal in blurring the lines between the automotive and mobility industries. In fact, early stage companies remain one of the sector’s hottest topics as opportunities arise, new players emerge, and billion-dollar companies form.

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Such deals have created the foundation for future mobility, with start-ups catalysing autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity and shared mobility. With 2020 coming to a close, what should investors be looking out for when scouting for the next big thing, and how will they know if something is too good to be true?

Market opportunity

Finding the next great mobility start-up can be a profitable gambit, but it takes an experienced venture capitalist to get an idea off the ground.

Quin Garcia is founder and Managing Director at Autotech Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that has overseen the development of companies like Lyft from their inception. He explains that success relies not only on the product or service, but also the entrepreneurs behind the business. “Team and target market are head and shoulders above all the other factors we look at,” he told Automotive World.

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VCs can help to steer start-ups down the right path

At a basic level, any…