Apple-Hyundai proposal seen as a win-win

Partnerships between tech companies and traditional automakers once seemed dubious at best. Recent trends suggest otherwise, writes Freddie Holmes

In a tale that has rolled on for more than five years, recent reports would suggest that Apple’s effort to make electric vehicles (EVs) may be more fact than fiction.

Automotive World Magazine – February 2021

Internal plans to commercialise an electric passenger vehicle in 2027 were leaked by Korean media in December. These plans were tentatively confirmed later in January; Hyundai, the automaker that would allegedly make these vehicles, told the Financial Times on 8 January 2021 that it was in “early stage” discussions but that “nothing has been decided.”

The Korean automaker added that it was one of many manufacturers in conversation with Apple, which has been courting others in pursuit of a co-developed vehicle.

Rumours of an Apple car kick up a veritable media storm, but in today’s environment the latest developments are not particularly surprising. The automotive industry is in…