Could ‘no strings attached’ subscriptions encourage EV uptake?

Freddie Holmes looks into the growing number of electric vehicle subscriptions becoming available, and what they offer

The notion of owning a car is no longer as attractive as it once was. Even for enthusiasts, paying for a vehicle that sits unused for the majority of the time is difficult to justify. Furthermore, with worsening air pollution and running costs also in the frame, renting an electric vehicle (EV) when needed is beginning to look like a smart option for many.

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But with the technology in its infancy and demand comparatively low, affordable EVs are still hard to come by. There is also the risk that going electric proves unsuitable to the driver’s needs, in which case they are stuck with either a wasted investment or early contract cancellation fees. In theory, EV subscriptions could prove to be a tonic for those concerns.

What’s the difference?

The first question to be asked is why a subscription…