Can CASE tempt new truck drivers?

With driver shortages across the world threatening the truck industry as we know it, something needs to be done. Are CASE technologies the answer? By Freddie Holmes

In most major markets, the truck industry has a driver shortage. The average age of drivers is increasing, and many are set to retire within the next decade. Entry-level positions are not being filled at the same rate, which is creating a vast and growing gap.

The Geneva-headquartered International Road Transport Union (IRU), a global organisation for the road transport sector, estimates that within the next ten years or so 40% of truck drivers in Germany will retire, leading to a shortage of 150,000 drivers. Similar trends can be seen elsewhere across Europe and in the US, where it is expected that around one million new drivers will be needed over the next 15 years. Something has to be done.

Getting behind the wheel of a big rig may not be as attractive as it once was, but…