4D radar will bring new versatility to autonomous cars

A variety of applications inside and outside the vehicle show that 4D radar is no one-trick pony. By Freddie Holmes

Autonomous driving has naturally led to growing interest in radar, but the technology has other useful benefits that have been less publicised. Radar sensors can be used not only to help the autonomous vehicle (AV) perceive its surroundings, but also to remain aware of what is happening inside the cockpit.

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Israeli start-up Vayyar has developed what it calls a 4D imaging radar, which is more accurate and versatile than conventional radar sensors. The technology was borne from the healthcare industry where it was first used to detect early-stage breast cancer in a more comfortable and less expensive way. Now, the technology is also being positioned for use in cars, planes, trains, buses and robotaxis.

Radar systems transmit radio waves that bounce off nearby objects to paint a rough picture of what is being tracked. The technology differs to…