28th June 10am Detroit | 4pm Stuttgart

Securing modern vehicles with AUTOSAR

Michael Schneider of ETAS explains how AUTOSAR offers a way to implement a multi-level security approach by providing standardized security building blocks that can be used off the shelf.

23rd June 10am Detroit | 4pm Stuttgart

Innovative services solutions for tire NVH engineering

Dave Bogema and Rabah Hadjit explain how the combined services solutions of VI-grade and HBK support tire NVH engineering for noise source characterization, exterior noise and subjective evaluation of virtual prototypes.

22nd June 10am Stuttgart | 1.30pm Mumbai

Efficient CFD-App for aerodynamic performance analysis

Experts from AVL explain how to use a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution to ensure consistent and reliable results and expedite the automotive aerodynamics design process.

8th June 9am Detroit | 3pm Stuttgart

The hidden world of the composite chassis

BASF’s Chris Korson explains the benefits of using composite chassis solutions in modern vehicles, especially when developing electric vehicle architectures.

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August 2022

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Automotive World Magazine – August 2022

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