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Special report: Automotive transmission technology

 Special report: Automotive transmission technology

Developments across the automotive industry will shape the future of transmission technology. Fuel economy and emissions regulations, the slow but steady rise of electrification, the impact of connectivity, autonomous driving and the sharing economy will all influence how vehicles are powered, and how that power is transferred to the wheels.

For this exclusive report, Automotive World talked to a range of leading players at the frontline of automotive transmission technology development.

In this report:

  • Vehicle transmissions adapt to future powertrain norms
  • EV and autonomous – a natural fit for transmissions
  • An unlikely new future for the planetary CVT
  • Interview: Matthias Zink, Chief Executive, Automotive Business, Schaeffler
  • Emissions, performance and MPG – DCT improves all three
  • Transmission suppliers hedge their bets on truck of the future
  • EV transmissions herald new benefits for drivers – and manufacturers
  • Transmission innovation requires a global approach
  • CVTs shake past woes in push for efficiency
  • Heavy trucks downspeeding towards greater efficiency

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