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Toyota’s first quarter market sales increase +10% year-on-year outperforming the European market

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) made a fast start in the first quarter of 2024 with 319,737 vehicles sold as market share increased to 7.3%, up +0.2pts year-on-year

Toyota Motor Europe (1) (TME) sold 319,737 Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the first quarter, an increase of +10% year-on-year. The Toyota brand retained its position as 2nd best-selling passenger car brand with sales growth of +8% year-on-year, and Lexus maintained its position as one of Europe fastest growing premium brands as sales continued to surge with growth of +48% year-on-year. Toyota Professional, TME’s commercial vehicle division, also jumped forward with volume growth of +22% compared to the same quarter last year. TME’s overall electrified sales mix across Europe stands at 72% of total sales.

We are delighted that our sales momentum has continued to grow into the first quarter of 2024. Order banks for hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell and battery electric products remain at a high level, reconfirming customer enthusiasm for our multi-path approach for carbon reduction and the power of our products, brands and retail partners.

Matt Harrison, Chief Corporate Officer, Toyota Motor Europe

Brands and model performance

Toyota sold 300,577 vehicles in Q1 2024, an increase of +8% year-on-year. The brand’s top sellers included Yaris range, Corolla range and the new Toyota C-HR recently began deliveries to customers. Toyota’s overall electrified sales mix was 71%, sales increasing +7% year-on-year. Sales of battery electric vehicles in the first quarter were up +39% year-on-year at 10,229 vehicles.

Toyota Professional sales increased to 40,852 vehicles, an increase of +22% year-on-year. Hilux sales increased by 15% to 16,783 vehicles, The Proace City small vans experienced strong growth of +40% to 15,881 vehicles while the Proace mid-size van range increased by +7%.

Lexus success continued into the first quarter 2024, increasing 48% year-on-year with 19,160 vehicles sold.  Its electrified sales mix accounted for 93% of total sales and almost 100% in West Europe. Lexus’ accelerated sales growth stems from the brand’s strong offensive in the D-E Premium SUV segment, providing a choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric powertrains across three models: NX (+47% sales year-on-year and RX (+29% year-on-year) and the RZ all-electric. Lexus UX provided additional with sales incrassing by +36 year-on-year, while the first deliveries of the keenly awaited all-new LBX started in this period.

TME highlights January- March 2024:

  • Total sales: 319,737 (+10% year-on-year)
  • Total electrified sales: 229,742 (+10% year-on-year)
  • Total electrified mix: West Europe: 75% – East Europe*: 53% – TTL: 72%

Toyota highlights January- March 2024:

  • Toyota sales: 300,577 (+8% year-on-year)
  • Top sellers: Yaris Cross (52,794); Corolla range (47,224); Yaris (44,718); C-HR (31,299); Aygo X (26,280); RAV4 (25,717)
  • Total electrified sales: 211,737 (+7% year-on-year)
  • Top electrified: Yaris Cross Hybrid (49,186); Corolla Hybrid (41,000); Yaris Hybrid (39,410); Toyota C-HR Hybrid (30,274); RAV4 Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid (24,327)
  • Toyota Professional  sales: 40,852 (+22% year-on-year)
  • Electrified mix: West Europe: 75%, East Europe*: 52% – TTL: 71%

Lexus highlights January- March 2024:

  • Total Lexus sales: 19,160 (+48% year-on-year)
  • Top sellers: NX (7,186); RX (3,684): UX (3,520)
  • Total electrified sales: 17,607 (+10% year-on-year)
  • Top electrified: NX Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid (6,989); UX Hybrid/EV (3,448); RX Hybrid/Plug-in Hybrid (3,123)
  • Electrified mix: West Europe: 99%, East Europe*:47% – TTL: 93%

Sales for January – March 2024 is listed below:

TOTAL TOYOTA / LEXUS         319,737
TOYOTA         300,577
AYGO X              26,280
Yaris (incl. Yaris Hybrid)              44,718
  Yaris Hybrid              39,410
Yaris Cross (incl. Hybrid)              52,794
Yaris Cross Hybrid              49,186
Corolla H/B & Touring Sports (incl. Hybrid)              29,960
  Corolla H/B & Touring Sports Hybrid              29,939
Toyota C-HR (incl. Hybrid)              31,299
  Toyota C-HR Hybrid              30,274
Corolla  SDN (incl. Hybrid)              17,264
Corolla SDN Hybrid              11,061
Corolla Cross              12,708
Prius Plug-in Hybrid                1,148
Mirai FCEV                   247
Camry (incl. Hybrid)                2,515
  Camry Hybrid                1,832
GR Supra                   151
GR86                   417
GR Yaris                   790
RAV4 (incl. Hybrid & Plug-In Hybrid)              25,717
RAV4 Hybrid              19,425
RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid                4,902
bZ4X                7,881
Highlander (incl. Hybrid)                1,589
Highlander Hybrid                1,375
Land Cruiser                4,202
Hilux              16,873
PROACE (inc PROACE BEV)                8,098
PROACE CITY BEV (inc PROACE CITY BEV)              15,881
Other models 45
LEXUS           19,160
IS (incl. IS Hybrid)                     25
ES (incl. ES Hybrid)                1,625
   ES hybrid                1,534
LS (incl. LS Hybrid)                     15
   LS hybrid                     15
NX (incl. NX Hybrid)                7,186
   NX hybrid                4,165
   NX PHEV                2,824
UX (incl. UX Hybrid)                3,520
   UX Hybrid                2,892
   UX EV                   556
RX (incl. RX Hybrid)                3,684
   RX Hybrid                1,842
   RX PHEV                1,281
LBX                1,534
RZ                   960
RC (incl. RC Hybrid)                     16
LC (incl. LC Hybrid)                   105
  LC hybrid 4
GX                     38
LX                   333

SOURCE: Toyota

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