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Toyoda Gosei participates in a trial of renewable diesel fuel, an alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel

Moving toward carbon neutrality over the entire supply chain

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. wants to cut CO2 emissions in distribution to help achieve its long-term environmental target of carbon neutrality over the entire supply chain by 2050. As one effort for this, it has participated in a field trial to demonstrate the utility of renewable diesel fuel (RD fuel), an alternative diesel fuel for trucks, in distribution by Group company TG Logistics Co., Ltd.

RD fuel is manufactured from used cooking oil and other sources and can cut CO2 emissions by 90% compared with petroleum-derived fuel. The CO2 emitted during use is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed during the growth of the plants that serve as the raw materials of these cooking oils, and so the total amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is not increased. RD fuel can also be introduced without changes to the vehicles or refueling systems, and so is promising for greater use in the transport field.

This field trial was conducted in collaboration with Itochu Enex Co., Ltd., which is building a supply chain for RD transport and refueling in Japan. TG Logistics provided one truck that uses RD fuel for the trial. This truck travels approximately 3,000 kilometers each month on a route linking two distribution centers, one in Ichinomiya City and the other at the Port of Nagoya. Use of RD fuel for this distance is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of about 26 tons per year.

TG Logistics currently has 55 trucks, and based on the results of this field trial will consider full-scale adoption of RD fuel. The Toyoda Gosei Group will continue to cooperate with its suppliers and others in working toward carbon neutrality by 2050.

SOURCE: Toyoda Gosei

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