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TMC Develops Safety Technologies to Reduce Parking Collisions

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) announced today two newly developed safety systems—Intelligent Clearance Sonar and Drive-start Control—as part of TMC’s initiatives aimed to eliminate traffic casualties.

Recent data1 has shown that, in Japan, approximately 7,000 collisions occur a year as a result of pedal misapplication, especially in areas such as parking lots.  Taking into account the complicated nature of vehicle operation, TMC will offer these new systems to help mitigate collision damage in the event of pedal misapplication or erroneous gear shifting, thereby providing even greater peace of mind.

Intelligent Clearance Sonar2 uses sonar to detect obstacles hidden from the driver’s view, automatically applying the brakes if the vehicle is at risk of collision.  Drive-start Control2 controls engine output to mitigate collisions that may occur as a result of erroneous gear shifting or pedal misapplication while the vehicle is stationary or moving at low speed.  Both systems are planned for launch in upcoming vehicles.

1. Intelligent Clearance Sonar

When the clearance sonar detects an obstacle the vehicle is at risk of colliding with, such as a wall, when starting off in a parking garage or other similar environment, the system sounds an alarm, reduces engine or motor output and automatically applies the brakes.

Intelligent Clearance Sonar

2. Drive-start Control

If the vehicle gear stick is erroneously shifted when the accelerator pedal is applied, or if other abnormal gear shifting is detected, a warning is displayed and engine or motor output is reduced to limit sudden starts or acceleration.

For example, if while reversing in a parking lot, a driver unexpectedly strikes an object, the driver may become startled and shift gears from reverse to drive while continuing to press the accelerator.  Drive-start Control reduces engine or motor output if such an instance is detected.

Drive-Start Control

TMC considers the elimination of traffic fatalities and injuries the ultimate goal of a society that values mobility, and is therefore conducting research and development on individual onboard safety devices and systems based on its Integrated Safety Management Concept3, an approach that gives direction to safety technology and vehicle development.  TMC is pressing forward with the development of safer vehicles and technologies and is intensifying its wide-ranging traffic-safety initiatives by participating in the development of safer traffic environments and promoting traffic safety education.

1Source: ITARDA Information No. 86, Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis
2System may not perform as intended under all circumstances depending on road, weather and vehicle conditions
3An approach to optimal driver support in all stages through integration rather than considering each onboard safety technology and system individually

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