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The new Stellantis Pro One van line up tested on the road

The international media drive of the new line up of Stellantis Pro One vans - from the Citroën, FIAT Professional, Opel, PEUGEOT, and Vauxhall brands - is underway in Rüsselsheim

The engaging full line up commercial vehicles media drive organized by Stellantis Pro One is currently underway in Rüsselsheim, Germany, with around 200 journalists from the Europe and Middle East and Africa regions set for a thrilling driving experience on board 12 renewed Vans from the Citroën, FIAT Professional, Opel, PEUGEOT and Vauxhall brands, models which are already a “reference for Professionals” at a global level.

“The renewal of the entire Stellantis vans line up, based on second-generation electrification, along with a portfolio of innovative technologies and connected services, is at the heart of the “Pro One” reinforced leadership and customer-centered project” said Xavier Peugeot, Stellantis Senior Vice President Commercial Vehicles Business Unit.

With a focus on unparalleled capability, safety, and versatility for business and professional customers, Stellantis launches a full range of renewed and electrified compact, mid-size and large commercial vans – 12 vehicles in all – for the Citroën, FIAT Professional, Opel, PEUGEOT and Vauxhall brands as part of the Pro One strategic offensive for the Stellantis Commercial Vehicles Business.

Stellantis and its brands are leveraging a full range of advanced electrified propulsion, safety, ADAS and connectivity technologies to provide a stress-free environment for drivers and a reliable business partner to commercial owners.

Today, Stellantis is the undisputed leader in zero exhaust emission propulsion in commercial vehicles in Europe, offering both BEV and fuel cell electric (FCEV) options. The renewed commercial vehicle line up brings with it a 2nd generation of zero exhaust emissions technologies, including in-house EV battery systems that deliver greater range with no compromise in capability.

The 2nd generation of BEV propulsion gives the new compact vans best-in-class range of over 340 kilometers (211 miles). In the new mid-size BEV vans, battery packs offer 50 or 75 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy and up to 350 km (217 miles) of range. In the large van segment, a 110-kWh battery delivers best-in-class EV range of up to 420 km (261 miles). Additionally, fast charging at 150 kW will take the large van’s battery from 0 to 80% in less than one hour.

The improvements also extend Stellantis’ leadership in zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell propulsion technology. A 2nd generation of hydrogen fuel cell power in the mid-size vans, launching in mid-2024, adopts a Stellantis exclusive mid-power system and provides a segment record of up to 400 km (249 miles) of range. Hydrogen fuel cell propulsion expands to the large vans in 2024 with the mid-power architecture, range up to 500 km (311 miles) and a refill time of five minutes.

Additional technologies include:

  • Regenerative braking system, activated via steering wheel paddles, taking into account vehicle weight and road dynamics to maximize energy recovery.
  • A heat pump in BEV compact vans optimizes energy usage in cold and winter conditions to maximize vehicle range.

The driver is the focus of the renewed range of vans including the following technologies:

  • New generation of human-machine interface (HMI) that enhances productivity and safety. Instrument clusters and center displays are larger and configurable by the driver.
  • Dynamic Surround Vision uses exterior cameras that provide a wide view around the vehicle, an aid for navigating traffic and crowded streets.
  • In compact vans, a new Smartphone Station connects to a dedicated app enabling the mobile phone to become a control panel for the vehicle, including interaction with steering wheel buttons, making it a cost-effective way to upgrade the online experience.
  • In large vans, class-leading Level 2 assisted driving solution via the combination of Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go function, Lane Centering and Traffic Jam Assist. Also, a new generation of the internal combustion engine mates with an 8-speed automatic transmission for improved range and capability.
  • Full LED headlights for exemplary vision and safety in  all-new commercial vans.
  • Wireless connectivity, activated when the vehicle is delivered, keeps drivers informed and managers connected with their fleets in real time. It enables available cost-saving service packs such as preventive maintenance, eco-drive coaching, EV routing and charge management. Over-the-air updates let vehicles evolve with their users.

Providing a large and efficient offer of connected services to our business partners is one of the five Stellantis Pro One pillars. Service Packs focused on business continuity and efficiency are the products that each and every business owner is expecting. Fleet Management Services provided as Raw Data (Fleet Management Data Pack by Mobilisights – link) or integrated within a Service Tool (Preventive Maintenance and Connect Fleet by Free2Move) help to reduce fleet downtime and total cost of ownership.
In Q2, Stellantis launches the first in-vehicle and interactive Task Management Tool that enables real-time communication, task assignment and status updates between the fleet manager and the drivers in the field via the vehicle’s built-in infotainment unit. All details at the following link.

The essence of our customer-centric renewal of our entire van lineup is no compromise – in range, capability, safety and connectivity,” said Luca Marengo, Global Head of Product – Serial Life for the Stellantis Commercial Vehicles Business Unit.

A 400V e-Power Take Off (ePTO) brings electrification across the range of commercial vehicles without compromising the vehicle’s payload. The ePTO draws its power from the installed traction battery instead of requiring a separate power source.

CITROËN: maximum comfort with the debut of the world-renowned Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats

From the 2CV Fourgonnette to the Ami Cargo and brand-new renewed Berlingo Van, Jumpy and Jumper, Citroën has always been a partner to professionals in their daily lives, making mobility affordable for all companies and meeting all their needs. That’s why, in accordance with the energy transition underway, its new generation of LVC features a 100% electric version on the entire range which retains the load volume, modularity and durability its customers have come to love. Further information on the new range of Citroën LCVs is available at the following link.

Now in its fourth generation, the iconic Berlingo Van continues to lead the way in Citroën’s new strategic offensive. It has been optimized to offer its users higher standards of comfort, connectivity, driving aid and more engines. The finest example of these new products is the New ë-Berlingo Van which ensures an unmatched driving experience and exceptional on-board comfort.

Some of its main new features include the Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, which make their first appearance on an LCV and provide visual comfort with their stylized, special padding and continuous stitching. As soon as you get on board, the comfort you instantly perceive is provided by the 15mm thick high-density foam in the seat’s surface which provides softness and support at first touch. The Citroën Advanced Comfort seats ensure optimal dynamic comfort thanks to the high-density foam in the core, especially offering effective support on long trips. Finally, excellent postural comfort during driving is guaranteed by the seat’s own design thanks to its wide and enveloping seating and backrests, reinforced support, the optional availability of front seats with heated and massaging electric lumbar adjustments, and large and comfortable armrests.

The renewed Citroën LCV range also includes the New Jumpy and New Jumper. The first is a benchmark in terms of versatility with its compact size, unrivaled comfort, and safety features, as well as its increasingly competitive range of propulsion technology – from the BlueHDi diesel to hydrogen. And then there is the ë-Jumpy which is even more efficient. Meanwhile, the New Jumper features one-of-a-kind features in its segment and establishes itself as the sturdiest Citroën with a payload of up to 2 tons.

FIAT PROFESSIONAL: the new E-Ducato ensures 30% more range, best in class. The Brand focuses also on Magic Cargo and other innovative, ingenious, and accessible solutions.

With more than a century of history, FIAT Professional is a leader in the commercial vehicle industry thanks to superior efficiency, the reliability of its models, a wide range of custom solutions, its dedicated network which is always there for professionals. FIAT Professional is also a leader in the Recreational Vehicle sector, as it is the only brand with a dedicated platform developed for “converters” and specific services for motorhome owners. Moreover, a pioneer in making technologies greener and more efficient, the brand is a leader in the LCV e-Mobility Revolution—as can be seen by the latest generation of Ducato, Doblò and Scudo models which offer innovative, sustainable, and electric solutions for the businesses of the future.

One of the major innovations brought by the E-Ducato 2024 is the new 110-kwh battery which ensures a best in class zero emission experience thanks to its autonomy up to 420km in the WLTP cycle, that makes the E-Ducato a top-performing within its category and offering +30% of range compared to the previous one. Designed “in house”, the new E-Ducato maintains its cargo load capacity of up to 17 m3 and payload of up to 1,500 kg and more than 2 ton on Diesel version, which has made it one of the undisputed leaders in the segment. Thanks to a 25% lower price, the E-Ducato is accessible for everyone and in line with the brand’s strongly customer-oriented approach. Plus, thanks to the new electric architecture, the FIAT Professional vehicle also introduces a wide range of new ADAS, making it, in its diesel version as well, the safest commercial vehicle in its segment.

The new E-Ducato is the electric version of the new model which has been continuously produced since 1981, marketed throughout the globe, and the best base camper in the world—a title given to it by the Promobil industry magazine for the sixteenth time (link).

The Scudo model contains one of the range’s major new features: Magic Cargo, a solution which allows professionals to extend the loading area up to 3.67 m in the standard version and a maximum of 4.02 m in the Maxi version, creating space for loading bulky materials and further highlighting the model’s one-of-a-kind versatility.

Finally, thanks to ingenious and innovative solutions that make driving in the city less stressful and much safer, the new Doblò is the ideal partner for all professional workers. In terms of safety, the primary advancement lies in the improvement of the groundbreaking Magic Mirror, which is now equipped with a new digital rearview mirror.

More information about the new FIAT Professional line up is available at the following link.

Opel and Vauxhall: technology with hi-tech lighting and a distinctive design

At the “The reference for Professionals” media drive, journalists can road test the battery-electric versions of the ComboVivaro and Movano – the renewed vans which make up the latest generation of light commercial vehicles from Opel/Vauxhall. Each model features a restyling of the exteriors and a redesigned cabin, the most striking feature is the unmistakable Vizor, the characteristic brand face that adorns all new Opel/Vauxhall models.

Furthermore, the Combo has recently been equipped with Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix lights – a brand-new feature in the compact van segment– which guarantee optimum forward vision at night or in bad weather in any situation or driving condition. Comprising 14 individually controllable LED elements (seven per side), the Intelli-Lux LED® Matrix Light provides a brightly illuminated driving experience that precisely “cuts” other road users out of the high beam (link).

One of the major new features for the Opel and Vauxhall Vivaro are the new infotainment systems based on the Snapdragon® Cockpit and Auto Connectivity Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies[1] Inc., which enable, among other things, state-of-the-art graphics, multimedia, and connectivity capabilities such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G. Moreover, the space around the instrument panel and the central console have been expanded, making it easier to stow accessories and everyday objects. All of this makes the Opel and Vauxhall Vivaro a versatile and do-it-all vehicle which also offers the comfort and the handling of a smaller vehicle, making the time behind the wheel more relaxing.
Lastly, the best-selling Opel and Vauxhall Vivaro— more modern, practical, and sustainable—and the Opel and Vauxhall Movano—the brand’s largest light commercial vehicle with a loading volume up to 17 m3 and a payload up to 2 tons—can be also test driven at the German event.

More information about the entire new range is available at the following links: Opel and Vauxhall.

PEUGEOT: simply makes business better and with ALLURE, thanks in part to the sophisticated i-Cockpit®

PEUGEOT is making history by updating all its light commercial vehicles at the same time. The highlights of the new range are the 100% electric PEUGEOT E-PARTNER, E-EXPERT and E-BOXER, which the participants in “The reference for Professionals” media drive will be able to test on the road and experience their technological innovation, assertive design, and superior efficiency.

The commercial vehicle which best embodies PEUGEOT’s vision of the future of professional mobility is without a doubt the New E-PARTNER— leader in the European EV-LCV segment in 2023, which is expected to account for a third of the European van segment by 2025. With a new design and a new dashboard offering better ergonomics and quality of finish, the New E-PARTNER features the sophisticated i-Cockpit® which includes an all-new 10-inch high-definition touchscreen in its upper central section.

The latest generation of 100% electric PEUGEOT light commercial vehicles also includes the new E-EXPERT and E-BOXER, which are the ideal allies for professionals mindful of their performance, safety, and freedom of movement. Further information on the entire new range is available at the following link.

The road to global leadership is already mapped out

“The reference for Professionals” is an engaging and immersive journey into the world of professional transport, which is quickly evolving due to the energy and digital transitions underway. These new vehicles will help Stellantis achieve its most ambitious goals: global leadership in the sector by 2027, as stated in the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. Stellantis Pro One targets a doubling of revenues by 2030 in LCV sales, compared to 2021, in addition to reaching a 40% mix of electric vehicle (EV) sales and the delivery of €5 billion in connected services revenue.

The extraordinary results in 2023 demonstrate that the daring plan has paid off, as Pro One delivered one-third of the €189.5 billion net revenue reported by Stellantis for the year. Specifically, in Europe 30, Stellantis Pro One has the number one position in light commercial vehicles with a market share of more than 30% and sales growth of 15% compared to 2022. Meanwhile, second place was reached in the Middle East & African region with a market share of 21.8%, an increase of 7 percentage points compared to 2022. More information can be found at the following link.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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