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Tevva first series production electric truck rolls off assembly line in British manufacturing milestone

Tevva hands over first series production 7.5-tonne electric truck to customer Kinaxia Logistics

Electric and hydrogen truck OEM Tevva has completed the assembly of its first series production 7.5-tonne battery-electric truck, as the company reached another pivotal milestone in its journey today.

The vehicle rolled off the Tevva production line in Tilbury, Essex, where it was handed over to Kinaxia Logistics, a leading logistics group operating within the UK transport, warehouse and fulfilment sector.

The 7.5-tonne battery-electric truck is the first in a series of commercial vehicles from Tevva, which includes its 7.5-tonne, 12-tonne, and 19-tonne hydrogen-electric trucks. The 19-tonne model will be unveiled at the IAA Transportation show next week in Hanover, Germany.

The 7.5-tonne battery-electric variant offers a range of up to 180 km (110 miles), while Tevva’s 7.5-tonne hydrogen-electric truck has an extended range of up to 440 km (270 miles) due to its dual energy technology.

Tevva trucks bring a best-in-class combination of range, safety, driver experience, and total ownership cost while significantly reducing the environmental impact of medium-duty trucks. All Tevva trucks are available in left and right-hand drive and are designed to decarbonise the freight and logistics sectors.

The vehicles have undergone extensive testing. The Tevva 7.5-tonne battery-electric truck most recently completed hot climate testing in Sierra Nevada, Spain, where the vehicle repeatedly climbed to altitudes of more than 2,500 metres whilst fully laden (2.5 tonnes of load). There was no marked drop in performance here, with the truck also undergoing cold weather testing 300 km north of the Arctic circle in Finland earlier in the year. Tevva trucks have accrued nearly half a million kilometres of real-world driving.

The assembly of the first truck is a testament to the hard work of Tevva’s entire team at its Tilbury headquarters. The company is committed to a ‘build where we sell’ philosophy and plans to unveil details of its plans for mainland Europe at the IAA Transportation show on Monday 19 September.

Kinaxia Logistics plans to trial Tevva’s first electric vehicle as an element of its overall environmental reduction strategy and will be provided with 24/7 customer support from Tevva. 

Tevva CEO and founder Asher Bennett said: “We are proud to announce another major milestone in our company’s history as the first series production Tevva truck rolled off our production line. I would like to pay tribute to the whole team who have worked tirelessly to reach this goal. We believe our battery and dual energy vehicles will change the face of the transportation sector and help companies and countries reach their net-zero emission targets. We are also pleased that Kinaxia Logistics has joined us in this endeavour and shares our vision in decarbonising the transport sector.”

Kinaxia Logistics Chief Executive Simon Hobbs said: “As a large and growing transport organisation, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our environmental performance, in particular with regard to CO2 emissions.

“Over the years we have implemented a number of measures, including better vehicle utilisation, driver training and trialling different fuel types. Now, as a result of our collaboration with Tevva, we have the opportunity to trial our first electric vehicle as another element of our overall environmental reduction strategy. We are very grateful to Tevva for providing this opportunity and we are excited to test the truck and explore this option further. It’s been a pleasure being involved in the project and working alongside the Tevva team. We wish them every success with the launch of the vehicle.


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