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Stellantis employees benefit from company’s 2021 first full year financial results

In all countries where Stellantis is present, employees1 benefit from the Company’s results in first year

The creation of Stellantis has brought benefits to the new Company and its employees all over the world. Stellantis’ 2021 full year results allow a redistribution to employees as a recognition of their contribution to the Company’s achievements.

“Employees are the heart of Stellantis. It is thanks to their continued focus on execution and excellence that we were able to achieve record results in our first year as Stellantis, said Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO. “Every Stellantis employee took on an extraordinary task in 2021 of combining two automakers while facing serious external challenges. Our goal is that all employees benefit from the company’s profitable growth. We are pleased to reward and thank our team members for their tireless commitment.”

1 STELLANTIS NV Automotive division (without JVs, temporary workers)

SOURCE: Stellantis

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