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Overview of Honda exhibits at the Japan Mobility Show 2023

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the lineup of a wide variety of motorcycles, automobiles, power products, aircraft and other products, as well as technologies and concept models Honda will exhibit at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the lineup of a wide variety of motorcycles, automobiles, power products, aircraft and other products, as well as technologies and concept models Honda will exhibit at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show. (Press days: October 25-26, Public days: October 28 – November 5, 2023)

Honda JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023 special website.

Honda is conducting mobility business based on its Global Brand Slogan: The Power of Dreams – How we move you. – This Global Brand Slogan conveys the message:

“The dreams of each and every one working at Honda have always been the driving force of Honda, and a variety of mobility products and services Honda creates with such power of dreams will move people physically, move people’s hearts, and help many people realize their dreams so that there will be an expanse of dreams toward the future.”

Based on the passion encapsulated by the Global Brand Slogan, at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, Honda will showcase its dreams in the form of mobility products, services and technologies, which will enable people to “transcend various constraints such as time and place,” and “augment their abilities and possibilities.” The exhibits at the Honda booth will offer the visitors an opportunity to imagine their own future dreams and experience the expanse of new dreams.

Honda booth theme: “Honda DREAM LOOP”

With the booth theme of the “Honda DREAM LOOP,” Honda will express the future toward which the diverse dreams of people will continue expanding, starting from mobility products and services that embody Honda’s dreams.

The Honda booth will be designed to showcase the dreams and initiatives Honda has realized to date and images of people’s daily lives in the future when Honda’s dreams have come true. Through such exhibits, Honda aims to facilitate customer understanding of the dreams and future society Honda wants to realize.

Moreover, through Honda’s special website for the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023, Honda will offer a visitor-participatory experience, in which the visitors input ideas for their own “dream mobility” using their own words, and AI will generate the image of a “design drawing of the dream” for each participant. The AI-generated images will be displayed on LED monitors in the Honda booth and on the special website, enabling the visitors to imagine the future living they can co-create with Honda and share the feeling of excitement.

Key Honda booth exhibits

With mobility products created as the embodiment of its dreams, Honda is striving to offer a value by enabling people to “transcend various constraints such as time and place,” and to “augment their abilities and possibilities.” The Honda booth and special website will showcase Honda products and technologies which offer such value.

■SUSTAINA-C Concept and Pocket Concept (World premiere)

The concept models of electric automobile and motorcycle models designed to enable people to transcend the constraints of limited resources. These models are made of acrylic resin that is recycled and reused, and being developed to demonstrate the concept of transcending the constraints of the limited availability of resources through “resource circulation” and becoming able to achieve both environmental sustainability and the joy and freedom of mobility long into the future.

■SC e: Concept (World premiere)

The concept model of an electric motorcycle designed to enable people to transcend the constraints of time by easily swapping the batteries and eliminating the waiting time for battery charging. Powered by two units of Honda Mobile Power Pack e: swappable batteries, which is one means of expanding the use of renewable energy, this model offers a smooth and powerful ride unique only to an electric motorcycle and realizes more comfort for people’s daily mobility.

■Honda Specialty Sports Concept (World Premiere)

The concept model of an electric sports car which will enable the driver to experience the pure joy of driving (driving pleasure) and transcend the constraints of time, even in the era of electrification for carbon neutrality and the popularization of automated driving technology. The joy of driving and distinctive individuality of this model will enable people to transcend their everyday life.

■HondaJet/Honda eVTOL*1

When combined with mobility products on the ground, which will make “three-dimensional mobility” available for people, these Honda mobility products in the skies will enable people to transcend the constraints of place and distance. Honda will exhibit the full-size interior mockup of the HondaJet Elite II light business jet, and visitors will be welcomed inside to experience the HondaJet interior. In addition, the one-fifth-size exterior mockup of the Honda eVTOL, and the gas turbine hybrid system currently under development as a power unit of Honda VTOL will also be on display.

*1 eVTOL: electrical Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft

■Electric products that utilize Honda Mobile Power Pack e:

By storing and carrying clean renewable energy in Honda Mobile Power Pack e: and utilizing the energy in various places and applications, people can transcend the constraints of limited resources and achieve both environmental sustainability and freedom of mobility and daily lives. Honda will exhibit various electric products powered by Honda Mobile Power Pack e: and other energy-related technologies.

Honda CI-MEV (World Premiere)

The demonstration model of a two-seat, four-wheel electric vehicle which features Honda’s original Cooperative Intelligence (CI) and automated driving technologies to offer easily-accessible last-mile mobility for any users. Honda is striving to augment the living radius for people, especially for those who are in situations that tend to limit mobility, such as when there is no public transportation or when people experience difficulty in walking a long distance.

■Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (Japan Premiere)

The demonstration model of a platform-style autonomous vehicle which can be utilized for a wide range of applications using various attachments. Honda AWV is being developed to augment people’s abilities and possibilities by transporting large loads and reforming a variety of tasks on behalf of human users in environments where people will have difficulty performing such tasks.

Honda Avatar Robot

An avatar robot that will enable the user to transcend the constraints of time and place and augment people’s abilities and possibilities. Featuring a multi-fingered robotic hand, which was developed while applying technologies Honda has amassed through its research into robotics, including ASIMO, and the AI-supported remote control technology, Honda Avatar Robot will let users perform tasks and experience things remotely as if they are there in person.


A hands-free seated personal mobility device. Featuring the balance control technology developed through Honda’s robotics research and the Honda Omni Traction Drive System, Honda’s original wheel mechanism moves naturally in all directions, the UNI-ONE is a mobility device the user can steer simply by shifting their body weight while sitting and move as if they were walking. The UNI-ONE will expand opportunities for users with mobility challenges.

Other Honda mobility products which will augment people’s possibilities

・Prototype of new commercial-use mini-BEV and Power Exporter e: 6000 portable external power output device

Mobility products and services originated from IGNITION*2, Honda’s new business creation program:

・Ashirase, in-shoe navigation system for the visually impaired (Ashirase, Inc.)

・Striemo, one-person three-wheeled electric micro-mobility product (Striemo Inc.)

・RAIL ACTIVE-e bicycle equipped with Honda SmaChari which will make a regular bicycle electric assisted and connected (Y. International., inc.) SmaChari is the first technology originated from IGNITION that Honda will commercialize under the Honda brand.

*2 IGNITION is Honda’s new business creation program which gives shape to the original technologies, ideas and designs of Honda associates to contribute to solving societal issues and creating new value for customers and society. The program started in 2017. In 2020, an option to start a new business venture was added to the program to realize the earliest possible real-world implementation of ideas. Ashirase, Inc. and Striemo Inc. were established as the first and second business venture originated from IGNITION.

List of products and technologies scheduled be exhibited by area within Honda booth

*3 WP=World premiere, JP=Japan premiere

Area for “Transcending the Constraints of Time”
 Concept modelHonda Specialty Sports ConceptAutomobileWP
Planned production model

(North America)

Prologue PrototypeAutomobileJP
Area for “Transcending the Constraints of Place”
 Exhibition models/technologiesHondaJet Elite II full-size interior mockupOthersJP
HondaJet Elite II one-fourth-size exterior mockupOthers
Honda eVTOL one-fifth-size exterior mockupOthers
Honda eVTOL Gas turbine hybrid systemOthers
Area for “Transcending the Constraints of Limited Resources”
 Concept modelSUSTAINA-C ConceptAutomobileWP
Pocket ConceptMotorcycleWP
MEV-VAN ConceptAutomobile 
SC e: ConceptMotorcycleWP
Planned production modelHonda Power Pod e: PrototypePower Products 
Prototype of electric propulsion for small boatsPower Products 
Exhibition models/technologiesPrototype of Honda fuel cell moduleOthers 
Production model
 Production modelEM1 e:Motorcycle 
Honda Power Pack Exchanger e: battery swapping station unitPower Products 
Electric tricycle taxi (“rickshaw”)Power Products 
Prototype model of PC05E-1 electric micro excavator (Komatsu)Power Products 
Area for “Augmenting People’s Possibilities”
 Exhibition models/technologiesHonda Avatar RobotOthers 
Ashirase (Ashirase, Inc.)Others 
Demonstration modelHonda Autonomous Work VehicleAutomobileJP
Area for “Augmenting the Living Radius for People
 Demonstration modelHonda CI-MEVAutomobileWP
Planned production model


Prototype of all-new commercial-use mini-BEVAutomobileJP
Production modelPower Exporter e: 6000 portable external power output devicePower Products 
Exhibition models /technologiesSmaChari-equipped RAIL ACTIVE-e bike
(Y. International., Inc.)
Striemo (Striemo Inc.)Others 




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