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Opel ADAM with IntelliLink best connected small car

  • Opel ADAM extends its technology leadership with diverse apps
  • TuneIn global radio, BringGo navigation and Stitcher radio apps also offered
  • State-of-the-art yet affordable infotainment system

The Opel ADAM with the IntelliLink infotainment system is the best connected small car on the market. The state-of-the-art customizable system makes new media formats such the widely popular smartphones and apps available in-car. IntelliLink is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android software-operated smartphones. The full scope of options IntelliLink offers in the ADAM also includes TuneIn, a global radio access app, BringGo, a full function navigation app, and Stitcher, a global podcast internet radio app. The ADAM also offers comprehensive Siri Eyes Free support over the iPhone. The ADAM driver only needs to relay instructions and the intelligent assistant immediately helps take care of the task at hand. The onboard infotainment system’s various functions can be tailored to individual needs and preferences, bringing the smartphone owner’s personal environment into the Opel ADAM.

With IntelliLink and apps to personal infotainment offer
The availability of the most diverse apps demonstrates the value and flexibility of Opel’s IntelliLink system, which brings the connectivity and functionality of smartphones safely into the car via a seven-inch, high resolution, full color touch-screen display with Bluetooth or USB connections. These options add another dimension to ADAM infotainment choices, and demonstrate the ability to continually expand and update IntelliLink capabilities with new apps. IntelliLink can therefore be as personal to use as the content kept on a smartphone, and is a key contributor to the ADAM’s overwhelming appeal as Opel’s individualization champion.

All apps are available for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones and can be downloaded from the App Store to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or from the Google Play store to Android smartphone. Tune-in and Stitcher are free of charge, while the BringGo navigation app can be purchased at very low cost compared to mobile or built-in navigation devices. To use the apps over IntelliLink, the iOS or Android device must simply be connected to the infotainment system.

TuneIn is a streaming audio powerhouse, offering customized connectivity and entertainment with a global network of 70,000 radio stations. Wildly popular, TuneIn has over 40 million active listeners around the world and gives ADAM owners access to international, personalized infotainment. The radio stations are played and controlled through the car radio; as the smartphone can stay in the owner’s pocket, it doesn’t distract from the traffic situation. This means an ADAM driver in Germany can listen to his favorite jazz station in New Orleans and another driver in Spain can dial in to a talk radio station in Africa.

The TuneIn app ensures safe, seamless connectivity to live local, international and Internet radio stations streaming more than two million on-demand programs from every continent. The inexhaustible selection of radio stations – just like the ADAM configuration options – leaves nothing to be desired.

BringGo navigation is another useful app which is downloaded as a map version for Eastern and Western Europe. The data remains installed on the mobile users device, which means ADAM owners can avoid paying any roaming fees while driving abroad because a separate broadband connection is not required. So even if the smartphone is offline, navigation with the BringGo app is still possible. In addition, the user can also access information on traffic jams along his route over an internet connection.

ADAM drivers can continue their journey on foot or by bike while still using their navigation system on their smartphone. An additional advantage of BringGo is its connection to the Google internet search engine. For example, if ADAM drivers want to find a restaurant or hotel, they can just run a name search and the results will be displayed automatically on the BringGo navigation map, which can then begin directing the driver to the destination address. BringGo is available in 23 languages.

Also supported by IntelliLink is the Stitcher App, a free global podcast internet radio app which enables users to listen to programs live or after they have been broadcast. ADAM owners can access more than 10,000 podcasts on demand, or radio shows and live stations around the world via the IntelliLink touchscreen.

OpeI IntelliLink is sophisticated, yet affordable equipment (only 300 euro in Germany). Standard infotainment for ADAM JAM, ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM (in Germany) is a CD 3.0 BT system with radio and CD players, featuring Bluetooth and USB connections as well as a hands-free function. As with IntelliLink, the AM/FM double radio tuner can be combined with DAB digital radio for a broad choice of listening options. And for customers who want to enjoy ultimate sound in their ADAM, the whole infotainment system can be further enhanced with an impressive Infinity Sound System with eight loudspeakers.


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