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On the first anniversary of GWM Chongqing Smart Factory, the 100,000th GWM POER Pickup rolled off the production line

On October 26, the 100,000th GWM POER Pickup rolled off the production line in Chongqing Smart Factory

On October 26, the 100,000th GWM POER Pickup rolled off the production line in Chongqing Smart Factory. Within 1 year, 100,000 GWM POER Pickup were manufactured in the Factory, interpreting “Great Wall Speed” again and setting a new record in the high-end pickup market. On the First anniversary of its launch, together with nearly 100,000 users, GWM POER Pickup started the Chinese pickup life, attracting more and more people to choose pickups.

As the manufacturing base of GWM POER Pickup, GWM Chongqing Smart Factory was completed and put into production in 14 months. 10,000 cars were manufactured in less than 100 days, and 100,000 cars were manufactured within a year. This not only renewed “Great Wall speed” again, but also created a new myth in the industry.

A year ago, GWM Chongqing Smart Factory was officially completed and put into production. As the fifth process-wide vehicle manufacturing base of GWM, Chongqing Smart Factory makes GWM closer to the terminal market by taking the geographical advantage of Chongqing as the connection point of “Belt and Road” and Yangtze River Economic Belt. While radiating Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, GWM runs through the Yangtze River Economic Belt in the east, covers the whole Southeast Asian market by Trans-Asia Railway in the south, and radiates the vast northwest region by Chongqing-Sinkiang-Europe International Railway in the west. Meanwhile, building factory in Yongchuan of Chongqing is also an important measure to promote the high-quality development of industry of Yongchuan and even Chongqing.

In terms of product, relying on the manufacturing philosophy of “never receiving, manufacturing and rolling out bad products”, Chongqing Smart Factory ensures that every GWM POER Pickup delivered to users is of high quality. With excellent quality, GWM has changed people’s traditional perception of pickups. As a result, pickups have become a trend, leading the development of Chinese pickup culture.

According to data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, September YTD, the sales volume of new passenger cars in China fell 12.5%. However, the sales volume of pickups increased against the downturn. September YTD, the sales volume of pickups nationwide was 341,362, with a YOY increase of 6.3%. September YTD, Great Wall Pickup sold 160,351 units, with a YOY increase of 63%, accounting for nearly 50% of the entire Chinese pickup market. In other words, for every two units of pickups sold in China, one is made by GWM.

In particular, the launch of GWM POER Pickup opened the Chinese Pickup 3.0 Passenger Era. By virtue of its passenger comfort, diversified convenience and all-purpose utility, GWM POER Pickup has been recognized by more and more consumers. According to the pickup concept and trend led by GWM POER Pickup, pickup might become one of the important features in the post automotive era. It is not only the next opportunity of automobiles, but also a shift in consumption concept.

As a benchmark enterprise in domestic pickup market, Great Wall Pickup has been leading the development of pickup industry in China. Great Wall Pickup has maintained the first place in domestic and export sales for 22 consecutive years. What’s more, GWM POER Pickup has promoted pickup to a new height. The annual output of 100,000 units speaks for itself.

Within one year, the passenger version, commercial version and off-road version of GWM POER Pickup were launched successively, meeting the needs of all circles in an all-round way and satisfying the increasingly diversified market changes. Meanwhile, with the new concept of “trans-boundary, out the circle and co-creation”, GWM POER Pickup assisted in the organization of Mount Everest Height Measurement,GWM POER Pickup Lure International Championship and Locomotive Culture Festival, Beijing Cycling, Himalaya Extreme Cross-country Race, and Alxa Hero Show. GWM POER Pickup creates a pickup life for all scenarios and becomes a phenomenal product. Its success not only drives the development of the whole pickup industry, but also has great significance for promoting the healthy, stable and upward development of Chinese automobile industry and satisfying consumption upgrading.

In this unprecedented era of great transformation, the auto industry is undergoing a disruptive transformation. As a forerunner of Chinese auto brands with globalization strategy, GWM has figured out a unique road of Chinese automobile globalization. An increasingly perfect global research, production, supply and marketing layout has been established. In addition, with the charm of “Made in China”, GWM has been conquering users all over the world, and has become the new business card of Chinese brands in the world. It is making strides towards the goal of becoming a “global mobility technology company”.


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