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Nissan opens new innovative parts warehouse in Italy

New warehouse will manage Nissan and Renault parts and accessories

Nissan today opened a new warehouse at the company’s Italian headquarters in Capena, Rome. The warehouse will manage the parts and accessories from over 400 workshops in the country. This includes official and contracted workshops and body shops of the Nissan network, as well as urgent orders for Renault dealerships in central and southern Italy.

The facility has been constructed in record time – less than 12 months from start to finish – using the same site of the previous warehouse, which was destroyed by a fire in September 2018.

In line with Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision, sustainability considerations have been of paramount importance in the design and construction process, and the warehouse has achieved excellent energy-saving standards.

The roof of the warehouse houses a 230kW photovoltaic power plant, capable of covering about a quarter of the company’s energy needs. Additionally, the new LED lighting system has allowed an improvement in the brightness of the environment, at the same time reducing energy consumption by 60%. Seven of the latest generation heat pumps regulate the internal temperature at an optimal level at any time of the year, saving 40% of energy consumption and keeping the temperature stable thanks to the excellent thermal insulation of the walls and the roof.

Attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony today, Leon Dorssers, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, said: “Nissan Italy’s parts warehouse has long been the cornerstone of our operations in the country. With a rejuvenated layout and improved ways of working, I am excited for the warehouse to continue improving customer quality and setting the standard for excellence in distribution within the industry.”

The previous Nissan Italy warehouse was awarded the title of Europe’s most productive warehouse on five occasions, and Nissan looks forward to continuing this legacy, with efficiency and productivity at the core of its operations.

The new warehouse will handle more than 23,000 Nissan items and 13,000 Renault items from the outset. However, with future growth expected over the coming years, it has been designed to handle up to 80,000 total items.

The facility has been designed to operate at the pinnacle of construction, safety, efficiency and sustainability standards. The reallocation of space has increased the work area by 10% and the modern shelving system has made it possible to reduce the average handling time of parts by up to 50%, reducing overall delivery times to the customer.

The office space has been enlarged, with 46 workstations and 2 meeting rooms making up a total area of 1,600m2 in the warehouse.

Also joining the ceremony today were Marco Toro, President and Managing Director of Nissan Italy and other high-profile executives from the Nissan AMIEO region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe and Oceania), including François Bailly, Senior Vice President, Chief Planning Officer; Jordi Vila, Divisional Vice President, Marketing & Sales; Stephane Lamari, Vice President After Sales; and Katherine Zachary, Vice President, Communications.

Toro added: “Together with the regional and local construction teams, I am extremely proud to open Nissan’s new parts warehouse in Italy. With sustainability and efficiency key design considerations, we are excited to bring a higher quality of service to our customers, including reduced delivery times.”

Safety and the protection of the environment are priorities at Nissan, and the Jet Grouting technique has been used for the foundations, which through the injection of a high-pressure cement mixture into the ground, makes it possible to obtain a high and uniform bearing capacity. The walls are made of TX Active concrete, with photocatalytic properties; irradiated by sunlight, the walls oxidize toxic substances settling on buildings – such as, PM10, nitrogen oxides and dioxides, benzene, carbon monoxide – and transforms them into non-toxic compounds.

SOURCE: Nissan

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