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New solutions from DuPont offer even greater durability for EV battery applications

Zytel HTN EF solutions help OEMs and their suppliers meet the challenge of faster charging

Reducing the time required to charge electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the top priorities of the automotive industry. Today at the Fakuma trade show, DuPont (NYSE:DD) announced the launch of an extension to its Zytel® HTN range of EF (Electrically Friendly) solutions.

“DuPont has more than 100 years of experience collaborating with our customers in the automotive industry,” notes Rudy Van Engen, commercial director EMEA for automotive solutions. “With the addition of these new Electrically Friendly grades, we enable manufacturers of EV batteries to overcome concerns about the durability of thermoplastic parts in a very harsh environment.”

The Zytel® 500 series is a new family of PPA 6/6-based solutions within the company’s HTN product range. These new materials were developed to provide excellent retention of properties in e-mobility oils, a high CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) for electrical parts, and EF characteristics.

DuPont has developed four ranges of Zytel® HTN EF solutions, each based on different polymers. Each range offers manufacturers a different set of mechanical and performance characteristics, such as heat aging resistance and chemical resistance. Each also offers enhanced durability to protect parts from failure due to moisture, elevated temperature, or traces of halide ions.

Adds Van Engen, “Automotive electrification brings new challenges, but we are ready to meet them. As we announced last month, we have invested in a global network of Centers of Excellence specifically focused on automotive electrification.” The COEs are in addition to DuPont’s famed network of laboratories supporting manufacturers of boots and bellows, fluid management systems, suspension systems, and other applications.


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