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Motorists want to be consulted about which oil is best for their car, Castrol survey finds

According to a One Poll survey of 1000 UK motorists, 39% say they would like to be given a choice of lubricants, and 53% want to learn about premium options

A new nationwide survey of 1000 UK car owners commissioned by Castrol has identified that motorists’ want more influence over which products are used in their car. A significant 40% say they’d like their workshop to always state which lubricant they are intending to use as part of a scheduled service, and 39% state they’d like the workshop to provide a choice of different suitable lubricant products so they can decide which one best suits their requirements and budget. An even higher proportion (53%) want to hear about premium lubricants that might maximise the performance, efficiency and overall life of their car’s engine.

Although motorists are more receptive to receiving oil recommendations from workshops, the research suggests few UK workshops are maximising the opportunity to upsell. Only 9% of respondents said their usual workshop ‘always’ provides information about the lubricant that they plan to use, while a further 10% said ‘sometimes’. A significant 49% said their workshop ‘never’ consults them about the lubricant they plan to use.

When asked about who they most trust to provide expert lubricant advice, motorists’ most preferred source of recommendation were vehicle workshops (26%), while 18% of respondents preferred to take guidance from the vehicle manufacturer. Workshops also had a much greater impact on oil purchasing decisions compared to online sources of information (11%).

The workshop remains the most influential when it comes to lubricant recommendations regardless of gender, with 26% of females and 25% of males polled stating that they would take a recommendation from the workshop they typically use for vehicle servicing. The older demographic of motorists also prioritised a recommendation from their workshop, with 36% of those aged 65 and over saying they would most likely be guided by their mechanic when it comes to the best choice of oil for their car.

Compared to the UK, workshops in other European markets are far more likely to provide information about the lubricant that they plan to use as part of a service. Romanian workshops are most likely to provide such information, with 90% consulting with customers. This was followed by 84% in Poland, 76% in Italy, 72% in Germany, 57% in Sweden and 52% in France.

Layla Yebaile, Service and Maintenance Marketing Lead at Castrol said: “Our survey shows that consumers really care about the lubricants that are used in their vehicles. They want to be offered a choice and are clearly receptive to hearing about premium lubricants and the performance and durability benefits these products provide. Premium lubricants offer customers added protection for their engines. This is especially important today, with consumers keen to avoid any unexpected repair bills as the cost-of-living crisis continues to affect household budgets.”

The intense pressures inside modern engines can cause friction that can waste up to 10% of engine performance. Castrol EDGE uses innovative Fluid TITANIUM Technology™ that can withstand these pressures and reduce friction**. Earlier this year, Castrol launched a ‘Castrol EDGE Recommended by Experts’ marketing campaign that highlighted how Castrol EDGE is recommended by mechanics, manufacturers, and motorsport teams to unlock the very best of performance in engines, further highlighting the product’s benefits to workshops and their customers***.

*OnePoll research – conducted among 1,000 UK car owners. The same research was also carried out across selected other European markets
*** Mechanics were more inclined to recommend Castrol than any other leading brand – GiPA research conducted December 2019 and January 2020

SOURCE: Castrol

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