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Mining company Boliden buys 74-tonne electrified Scania truck for heavy transport

A 74-tonne electrified truck for heavy transports will be delivered to mining company Boliden spring 2022

A 74-tonne electrified truck for heavy transports will be delivered to mining company Boliden spring 2022. The electrified truck is a part of the company’s aim to decrease its CO2-emissions with 40 percent by 2030.

Electrified vehicles are becoming a common sight on the roads in northern Sweden. The electrified truck, with a total weight of 74-tonne including load and trailer, will be driven by haulage company Renfors Åkeri AB on a 30 km return-trip route on public roads by the mine in northern Sweden.

“Once again, we show that it is technically possible with completely electrified solutions for heavy vehicles. The development is rapid! It is vital that the infrastructure keeps up to enable more customers to take this step. It is also very valuable to work on this kind of concept for heavy electrified operations with players such as Boliden, that wants to push development, not least in the environmental area,” says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility, Scania.

”To try an electrified solution for very heavy vehicles at an early stage and contribute to the development and transition to sustainable solutions are very much in line with our agenda. The electrified Scania truck will reduce emissions in one of the most important flows in our operations and further strengthen our high climate performance,” says Jonas Ranggård, Program Manager, Boliden.

This electrified truck is a part of a close and innovative pre-development work between Scania and Boliden. The collaboration opens up the possibility to electrify more of Boliden’s transport flows going forward.

The technical solutions of the electrified truck is based on the current series-produced technology but with stronger components added, something that makes the electrified vehicle work during the tough operations. This powerful load capacity and an even longer range are a part of Scania’s series-produced solutions within 24 months. The delivery of this truck is planned for the second quarter 2022.

The project is a part of REEL, Regional Electrified Logistics, an initiative lead by CLOSER and supported by the programme Fordonsstrategisk forskning och Innovation (FFI) to pave the way for the transition to an electrified freight transport in the Swedish market.

SOURCE: Scania

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