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MAN SimplePay relies on LOGPAY: automated payment for MAN vehicles becomes even more versatile

With the MAN SimplePay digital payment system, trucks from MAN Truck & Bus will be able to pay for their own fuel at the filling station from as early as 2023

With the MAN SimplePay digital payment system, trucks from MAN Truck & Bus will be able to pay for their own fuel at the filling station from as early as 2023. And in future, the van MAN TGE will also become a digital wallet for refueling, tolls and other payment transactions relating to vehicle use. For this purpose, MAN has recently started cooperating with LOGPAY, the specialist for digital payment services, which already makes cashless payment with the MAN Card possible at petrol stations and MAN workshops throughout Europe.

“With MAN SimplePay, we are taking another step on the way to becoming a smart innovator for sustainable transport solutions. Digital payment by vehicle not only creates maximum transparency and facilitation in payment transactions. In the future, it will also be important for autonomous driving or the use of public electric charging infrastructure. With LOGPAY, we have gained a strong partner for this,” says Torsten Breitbach, Head of Sales Development & Operations at MAN Truck & Bus.

With the digital service presented at the IAA Transportation 2022, the truck automatically pays itself at the petrol station after filling up, the driver no longer has to queue at the cash desk and the fleet manager receives the digitised fuel bills in real time.

Even tolls, despite many different billing systems in Europe, now become a simple service digitally processed directly through the vehicle with MAN SimplePay, no matter where the transport route leads.

Technically, MAN SimplePay uses the interfaces for MOBILE FUELING and digital payment services already established on the market by LOGPAY in a shared cloud and makes the applications available to the driver via the vehicle’s own infotainment system. The connection to the cloud is realised by the RIO Box installed as standard in every MAN vehicle. For the actual payment process when refueling, the truck and van use virtual fuel cards provided by LOGPAY, while toll processing is carried out via the hardware already used in the vehicle for this purpose.

The market launch of the MAN SimplePay vehicle payment services is to take place gradually in the course of 2023 for MAN trucks and vans. The offer is to be successively expanded through further application scopes to form a comprehensive digital ecosystem for payment through the vehicle. “Through our cooperation with MAN, we are bringing digital payment to trucks for the first time. The payment of the refueling process, which is already possible today via the Charge&Fuel APP, will then be possible directly from the MAN vehicle,” says Jens Thorwarth, CEO of the LOGPAY Group.

MAN SimplePay has already concluded agreements for a first pilot operation for digital payment of the vehicle at the petrol station with the mineral oil company BP within the framework of the IAA Commercial Vehicles. The first truck fleets in England will soon be able to use the new service at BP filling stations. The pilot operation is to be extended to Germany at the beginning of 2023. The MAN SimplePay service portfolio will be fully available from autumn 2023.

SOURCE: MAN Truck & Bus

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