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LeasysGO! opens to the public in Milan: the first car sharing dedicated to the New 500 comes to town

There is new energy in the air in Milan with the arrival of LeasysGO!, the first electric car sharing that allows you to rent a New Fiat 500

There is new energy in the air in Milan with the arrival of LeasysGO!, the first electric car sharing that allows you to rent a New Fiat 500. FCA Bank and its subsidiary Leasysalready the leader in long-term rental in Italy, announce the opening to the public in Milan of their long-awaited eco-sustainable free floating car sharing service. A decisive stage in the expansion path of LeasysGO!, after its debut in January in Turin, where it has already recorded more than 30,000 rentals and saved over 10 tons of CO2  per month*.

Since it is a free floating car sharing service, parking will be free and without limitations or constraints, which is ideal for driving in the restricted traffic areas of Milan, among others. This was made possible also thanks to the contribution of the Stellantis e-Mobility team, which facilitated the integration of specific features into the New 500, LeasysGO! is the perfect solution to enjoy the benefits of electric driving and new forms of mobility.

Charging the New 500 is free and is handled by the LeasysGO! team, using both the Leasys charging stations located throughout the city and the network of public electric columns. It will therefore be possible to find a car always charged and ready for use: the LeasysGO! fleet in Milan has 400 vehicles, and is due to expand even further.

Renting the New 500 with LeasysGO! is very simple and, thanks to the dedicated app, manageable with your smartphone. Just buy the annual membership voucher on Amazon, for €19.99,  choosing between the Prepaid or Pay-per-use subscription.

The Prepaid subscription, for €19.99 a month and inclusive of 2 hours of mobility per month, is designed for those who plan to use the service continuously. Alternatively, there is the Pay-per-use subscription, at no fixed monthly cost and a rate of €0.29 per minute. For both solutions the maximum daily cost is set at €43.50, with the possibility to keep the car for a total of 24h from the beginning of the rental.

Once you have purchased the voucher, you can then convert it on the LeasysGO! website and start booking your car.

The sharing mobility services that the City of Milan has developed are widely used and make an important contribution to the reduction of private traffic. They fit perfectly with the public transport network and provide a very wide range of vehicles, which will be further expanded with the electric vehicles of LeasysGO!

After Turin and Milan, LeasysGO! will soon also reach Rome, with an initial fleet of 200 cars, for a total of about 1,000 electric cars, which can be used by LeasysGO! customers with the same subscription in the 3 cities without any limitation or variation. The overall fleet is set to grow to 1,200 cars with the opening, also scheduled in 2021, in Lyon.

*compared to the use of a similar car powered with thermal energy.

SOURCE: Stellantis

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