INRIX: Miami-Dade County to digitize streets for ride-hailing; preps for automated vehicles

More than 25 partners now using INRIX Road Rules to help safely, efficiently and innovatively deliver information to road users

In conjunction with the start of Co-Motion MIAMI, Miami-Dade County, announced its plans to use INRIX Road Rules to digitize ride-hailing pick-up/drop-off locations and forthcoming automated vehicle (AV) pilot route to better serve constituents navigating the region. Leveraging Road Rules, the County will input, validate, manage and make available local ‘rules of the road’ for the safe and effective deployment of new mobility models such as ride-hailing, e-scooters and AVs.

“Miami-Dade County is committed to the safe and effective deployment of mobility solutions to meet traveler needs, and having foundational city data made available through INRIX’s Road Rules platform is a key piece of supporting mobility innovation throughout the region,” said Alice N. Bravo, Director Department of Transportation and Public Works for Miami-Dade County.

Traditionally, cities and road authorities have relied on signs and paint to communicate with road users, but today’s road users and mobility technologies require digital communication to fully realize the potential to improve safety, increase efficiency and expand access. INRIX Road Rules is the first complete tool for cities to quickly and easily digitize local restrictions such as ride-hailing locations, parking restrictions, speed limits, crosswalks, school zones and more. The cloud-based platform makes this data available via an open API, ensuring important public data is accessible, validated and easy to integrate.

“With new modes and models of transportation available to travelers, we need to ensure these new entrants understand the rules of the road that they’re on. We’re excited to be partnering with Miami-Dade County to lay a foundation for vehicle travel to be safer and more efficient across the region,” said Avery Ash, head of autonomous mobility, INRIX. “Data helps cities and road authorities play a central role in the safe operation of AVs and other vehicles on public roads, and Miami-Dade County is at the forefront of building out this essential digital infrastructure.”

For more than 10 years, INRIX has been working with public agencies and vehicle operators around the world to manage and improve transportation for human-driven vehicles. INRIX is leading the charge to ensure new mobility modes are safely integrated into the world’s road networks, providing the tools and analysis needed to improve and validate their safety and performance.


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