In-house software startup MBition supports Daimler on its way to a mobility company: Daimler is making Berlin the software capital for the car-driving of the future

Almost 200 software specialists are developing trailblazing software solutions for the entire vehicle – from navigation to location-based services and cloud-based packages, right up to creative user interfaces for an intuitive user experience

Today the Daimler subsidiary MBition founded in autumn 2017 occupied its new premises in the German capital, and has therefore officially arrived in Berlin. This is where a constantly growing, high-calibre team will develop future software for the entire vehicle in close collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Development in Sindelfingen, and lay the in-house foundations for the next generation of the current multimedia system MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). “Our vehicles are platforms for digital progress. MBition combines the flexibility of a startup with the resources of a global corporation, and greatly assists us in meeting the expectations of our customers with agile software development,” says Ola Källenius, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development

Customer expectations in the automobile industry are changing at a rapid pace. Car drivers expect their cars to perform the functions familiar from their smartphones: the latest technical features, user-friendly operation and continuous software updates. To meet these wishes, the developers at MBition operate on the principle of agile working methods. The building in which they work is designed and equipped to meet their needs.

At present almost 200 colleagues from 32 nations work at MBition in inter-disciplinary teams – all recruited within just 18 months. The developers can enjoy the innovative and inspiring atmosphere of the city. Berlin has developed into one of the world’s most attractive IT hotspots. Numerous IT companies are basing themselves in the metropolis, and ambitious young entrepreneurs are founding around 500 digital start-ups each year.

“MBition is an integral part of Daimler’s international research and development network, and is set to grow strongly in the next few years. As a hive of creativity and innovation right in the centre of Europe, Berlin is an ideal location for finding the best international brains and creating innovative software,” says Gregor Zetsche, CEO of MBition.

MBition is part of Daimler’s worldwide development network, which extends from Silicon Valley in California to Stuttgart, Israel, India and China. The software from Berlin will strengthen the company’s know-how for the mobility of the future: the car is being transformed into a fully networked place where people can use digital services easily at any time. At the same time MBition is creating an eco-system with the aim of being able to respond flexibly and rapidly together with recognised external software specialists and cooperation partners.

SOURCE: Daimler