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GAZ Group unveils a new mobile healthcare station on GAZelle NN platform

GAZ Group unveils new medical vehicles. A mobile healthcare station on GAZelle NN platform is one of new products of the group

GAZ Group unveils new medical vehicles. A mobile healthcare station on GAZelle NN platform is one of new products of the group. It is built on the platform of a van with a GVW of 4.6 t and an extended wheelbase. It is designed for medical examinations, preventive care, diagnostics and treatment in the field or in rural areas.

It features a full-scale medical compartment divided into an examination and a treatment area equipped in line with the standards for field teams. Work stations of the medical staff are outfitted with all the required furniture, a sink, a refrigerator for storing drugs and materials, medical tools and devices. The healthcare station features autonomous life support, video surveillance, fire alarm, and Internet access systems. Interior trims are made of composite panels with aluminum coating and extra heat insulation, resistant to wear, acids, UV, detergents and disinfectants.

A class C ambulance with a telecommunication complex on GAZelle NN platformis another new product of the group featuring up-to-date communication systems for efficient patient care in the field. The vehicle features a set of video cameras, displays and high-speed communication systems for remote advising of the medical staff by profile specialists immediately during examination or medical procedures. If a severe patient cannot be delivered to the hospital in time, e-medicine allows medical staff contact the hospital, get advice and start providing the first medical aid without losing the “golden hour”, when the patient stands a better chance of survival. This is an efficient and effective solution for treating patients in distant rural areas.

Upgrading vehicle fleets of healthcare institutions increases availability and improves the quality of healthcare services in distant areas.

As part of collaboration between GAZ Group and the Russian Oncologists Association, it is planned to use mobile healthcare stations on the platform of GAZ vehicles for early cancer diagnosis in distant areas with next to no access to high-tech healthcare. The mobile healthcare station may serve for diagnostics in the areas with no stationary healthcare facilities.

High-quality medical services need to be made available to residents of all regions in any country.


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