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First of the Dacia network to display new visual identity in the UK

New visual identity marks the latest chapter in Dacia’s ongoing success story

Dacia has commenced the roll-out of its recently unveiled visual identity to its UK network, with the new Staples Corner dealership in London being the first retailer to feature the contemporary branding.

The enhanced exterior appearance is designed to support the development of Dacia and its evolving product range. It conveys the adventurous nature of the brand and its cars, while remaining true the manufacturer’s core principles of simplicity, sturdiness and value.

Following its physical unveiling at the purpose-built Staples Corner dealership in London, the striking new exterior identity will now be introduced across 148 nationwide dealerships. The new styling strengthens the external visibility and modernity of the Dacia network, with the bold design set to be complemented by a completely new interior layout that is in the closing stages of being finalised.

The external identity has been designed to reference the values and attributes of Dacia. For example, the thick khaki line running around the edges of the dealership building embodies the robustness, simplicity, and outdoor appeal of the brand. This distinctive outlining clearly identifies the dealership, framing the new emblem which is made up of illuminated box letters. These appear khaki during the day and white at night, with the lettering outlined in black.

A large totem, made up of a khaki-colour metal and wood-inspired detailing, makes it easy to identify the brand and dealership. The materials intend to lend warmth to the structure and further reference Dacia’s outdoor appeal. Flags provide additional signage, along with extra touches of colour, including shades of terracotta and sand grey.

Together, the individual components combine to provide customers and passers-by with a striking visualisation of the brand. The distinctive dealership design paves the way for the final stage of implementing the new visual identity, which will see the revised logo feature on all new Dacia vehicles towards the end of the year.

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK and Ireland, said: “The new exterior identity represents a key development for Dacia and its eye-catching, yet simple design, perfectly captures the essence of the brand. Its rollout to the UK retail network sends a clear message to customers that Dacia is a modern, forward-thinking manufacturer that is more committed than ever to delivering innovative vehicles that offer an unrivalled fusion of value, quality and versatility.”


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