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Electromobility is about much more than just a city bus –the comprehensive e-mobility system from Mercedes-Benz

Always connected: integration into telematic systems taps full potential

A simple ideal: combustion engine out, electric drive in – a plug-and-play kind of solution. If only things were so simple! Electromobility actually means completely rethinking urban mobility. That’s why e‑mobility from Mercedes‑Benz is about more than just the fully-electric eCitaro; it’s about offering a comprehensive system composed of a number of different components. The comprehensive eMobility system takes into account such things as power supply, charging infrastructure, route planning, telematics systems, service concepts and, last but not least, the training of employees.

Perfectly planned changeover: Mercedes-Benz eMobility Consulting helps

In transport companies, the conversion to electromobility means more than energy consumption and range. Key words here are route guidance and routes, topography and weather conditions, bus stop spacing or timetabling. Thankfully, these are familiar territories for the specialists at Mercedes‑Benz. They use simulation software to see which routes are suitable for e-mobility and, upon request, come up with suggestions for electric bus routes.

Well advised: the eMobility Service concept from Omniplus

E-mobility requires a range of specific services. The eMobility Service concept starts with assisting the customer’s own workshop, but also includes the tailor-made service contracts eBasic and ePremium, and concludes with BusDepot Management. Here, employees from Omniplus look after the vehicle in the customer’s own workshop. The Omniplus Training Centre in Dortmund provides exemplary information about the equipment required by a workshop for electric buses and offers a complete training concept for e-mobility.

Always connected: integration into telematic systems taps full potential

The eCitaro is a communicative vehicle – it is networked with the charging infrastructure in accordance with the ISO ‑15118 protocol. Mercedes-Benz offers solutions for integrating the vehicle-specific data in management systems. Via the Omniplus On portal, companies can obtain an insight into the operating data of their fleet. In conjunction with the ITS software provider IVU Traffic Technologies, Mercedes-Benz offers integrated systems solutions which ensure maximum transparency in planning routes, and concludes with depot management.

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SOURCE: Daimler

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