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Easing your EV experience: The Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé shows improvements in many charging details

Optimally prepared for the long haul: The Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé can precondition the high-voltage battery for maximum charging performance manually, or in the future in the Aiways app and in combination with active route planning in the “PUMP” app

Range anxiety remains a constant companion for prospective customers who wish to switch to e-mobility. The topic of long-distance capability in cold weather conditions is often in the spotlight. The Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé has therefore been optimized in many details to make the switch to e-mobility even easier.

The mechanics of an electric car’s drive are much less complicated than those of a conventional combustion engine. While a four-stroke engine, whether gasoline or diesel, requires a large number of wear-prone components to convert the energy stored in the fuel into kinetic energy, the architecture of an electric motor is very simple.

Innovative technology to combat range anxiety

Nevertheless, there are still reservations about the new form of drive. Psychological factors, such as range anxiety, play a major role here. Aiways is therefore focusing specifically on these issues and intends on making the switch to electromobility as easy and relaxed as possible. The Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé has therefore been improved in many small details to make emission-free everyday driving as easy as possible.

“If you want to succeed as a manufacturer, you have to look not only at trends and developments, but also at the actual needs of your customers,” explains Dr. Alexander Klose, Executive Vice President Overseas Operations at Aiways. “I am therefore particularly pleased that we have been able to effectively further develop our existing MAS platform in many details for our new Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé to once again significantly improve the electric driving experience and make it easier for many people to make the switch.”

Intelligent route planning with real-time data and battery preconditioning

A significant innovation is the integration of demand-based conditioning of the high-voltage battery pack. It can be started either manually by the driver via the vehicle menu of the Aiways AI-Tech infotainment system, or in future via the Aiways app. Likewise, in the future it will take place automatically when route planning is active with the “PUMP” app of the Aiways U6  SUV-Coupé. Particularly in wintry temperatures and a correspondingly cold battery, the possibility of electron transfer within the cells deteriorates. The result is reduced charging performance compared with the maximum values that can be achieved.

To prevent this effect from occurring in the first place, the PUMP app monitors the cell temperatures of the battery pack at all times via a wireless interface and ensures optimum preheating of the high-voltage battery before it arrives at a planned charging stop. This allows for charging to be carried out at optimum power immediately after the start of the charging process. Another benefit is the real-time data within the app, which provides information at any time about the availability and performance of the charging stations at the respective location. This takes away the fear of busy or defective charging stations for long haul customers.

Adaptable to individual charge planning: the new Aiways AI-Tech OS

Also new for the launch of the Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé is the infotainment system’s new Aiways AI-Tech OS. It now not only allows a detailed view of the charging process and consumption data, but it also goes one step further in terms of individual charge planning. Those who want to use their high-voltage battery as gently as possible can now select their own maximum value for the battery charge with the freely adjustable charge planner.

The load on the individual battery cells is greatest near their highest and lowest voltage limits. In addition to deep discharging, full charging with long idle times should also be avoided. Those who use their vehicles for commuting can limit the charge to values around 80 percent state-of-charge and thus make an active contribution to battery hygiene. Regardless of usage, Aiways guarantees a state-of-health of at least 75 percent after eight years or 150,000 kilometers with regard to the high-quality components of the high-voltage battery supplied by CATL.

Best conditions for long ranges: High efficiency and good aerodynamics

The most important factor for an electric car, however, is its consumption. The new AI-PT permanent magnet synchronous motor developed in-house, in combination with optimized power electronics and the improved reduction gearbox, is even more efficient than the powertrain previously used with the MAS platform. Added to this is now the standard use of a heat pump in the heating and air-conditioning system, which ensures significantly reduced energy consumption, especially at low outside temperatures. Specifically in real-world operation, these two measures ensure a significantly improved range at comfortable interior temperatures and higher driving speeds.

SOURCE: Aiways

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